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  1. I had the same problem with the giant spider. This is what I noticed and how I made it working. Before you proceed doing as I did… - BEWARE! - THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION! - … 'cause even if (at last) the dialogue will eventually start and the quest continue, it will mess up lots of other things or at least that's what happened to me making me think even to get a new fresh installation of the whole game! As the dialogue with the spider (in my case) won't open I checked the console listings finding a line telling: "giant spider animati
  2. I came on an issue downloading: CD Part 3 - Catsuit CBBE Mesh & Bodyslide Data.zip Seems the file has a .txt extension I changed manually to .7z and things seems to work perfectly. Just for you to know. Tx for the mod and keep up the great work! 😊
  3. Ty VirginMarie! Yup… I messed a bit with MCM menu and I noticed the options… may be would have been wise doing that before, my fault... 😝 Not sure about braking the "gloden rule"… anyway I guess I will now: I'll upgrade anything I have installed that I like and start a new game for good. 😉 Tx for the help! 😊
  4. Weeeh! Tx Nazzzgul! Deactivating Tales and Tallows is a bit late now, but perhaps I have some not-so-old save to go back to without loosing too many hours of playing … 🤔 For the 2nd point I knew it would not be so clever asking about it … anyway I tried… 😁 Thankyou! 😉 Oh! Also I have another issue I can't figure out how to solve, if somebody can help … - butt-plugs always slide off, can't really tell why, the chastity lock seems to work, as if I try to equip them again with the chastity piercings on, I get the "no-way-to-do-it-with-belts-on" messsage. Also resettin
  5. First of all thank you so much VirginMarie for this awesome masterpiece! 🤸‍♀️😲😄😙 The only two things I feel a bit disappointed with are: 1 - I find the mod's quests "forcing" you a bit to go beyond your main story-linked-objectives, leaving these behind while trying to get rid of some restraints quickly ("Tales and Tallows") and at the same time a bit "forcing" you to acess locations/open other quests pretty early: once done the "Virgin Training" I've found myself travelling first to Markarth then to Solitude -both uncovered for me- in less then a hour of playing, w
  6. This link gives me a file that seems to be corrupted: I can't unzip it or install it with NMM.
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