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  1. I think you may be thinking of Whiterun Morgue, which is a place where you can apparently store bodies with a corpse collecting mod and have fun with them, but unfortunately I get an error when I actually try to check out the file's page. A workaround might be using the Defeat mod, and using the"put in a bag" option on a submitted or dead body. You can bag up a body that stays on you like a backpack, and then bring them to an evil/vampy/necromancy-ish player home. I really like Hill House and Path of The Revenant for bigger houses that have quests related to them. I'm not sure if there's a mod that makes bodies permanent, but you could try cheesing it with the Permanent Items property. If you put one of the items on this list on a body, it'll never disappear! You could also try Longer Lasting Bodies since it increases how many corpses can exist in the world. Hope that helps!
  2. Just wanted to say that this is a fantastic mod, DD in pink gloriousness is seriously what I was looking for the last time I was doing a playthrough!
  3. Hey, I'd love to try out this mod but it seems like it's been moved or deleted since I get an error when I try to view the file. Is there a mirror or something like that?
  4. Hey everyone! I was looking at various female armor mods that have modular options/"futa support", and I was wondering what everyone has been using recently. I've been using Daughters of Dimitrescu a lot, since panties and covered breasts are in-game optional choices (make sure to set the armor to be revealing in Schlongs of Skyrim if you use it!). Bonus for having a great sneaky-sort design for my usual sneaky-sort character.
  5. Oh that's a great idea!! I forgot about the Triggers mod, I'll definitely try that! Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew of a mod that could simply flag sexlab animations as vampiric feeding? Not necessarily animations that involve blood sucking, just doing something like receiving a blowjob and that being enough to satisfy modded/vanilla vampire qualifications for "feeding". I wanted to a sort of vampire/succubus playthrough, and I've used some mods that add lots of succubus-like gameplay and features but I wanted to mostly "roleplay" the succubus thing and just have normal Sacrosanct feedings satisfied through sex. 🙂
  7. It's for females only, but you can try checking out Vanilla 3BA Clothes/Armor Replacer and BD's Skimpy Armor Replacer overhauls on Nexus, they add 3BA physics and skimpify armor if you use the 3BBB body. I use the first one and then let the second one overwrite. 🙂
  8. Blahhh I just realized that my issue was that I installed the Nemesis engine manually, don't drink and mod everybody. Thanks for the help though, I hope this info helps anyone else having Nemesis issues. I basically just gutted my data folder and put Skyrim back to vanilla so I can start over, although if anyone was curious -- you could probably find or write a Python script that would find and delete stuff like this that you're not advised to install manually, if you still have the archived file. Also thank you for reminding me! I think I knew at some point but my fear of CTD had me FNISsing every time I started playing ;w;
  9. Hey everyone. I haven't been able to figure out why my character is stuck in t-pose, while all other actors walk completely fine. Reinstalled XP32, 3BBB, FNIS (plus always running FNIS before booting). Went through Nemesis, DAR and now in FNIS PCEA2 trying to fix this issue. Physics and SL animations are working alright (besides the t-posing). I started a new playthrough recently and installed new versions of some sex mods I had played with before, but that's also when the t-pose issue began. Modlist in spoiler, thanks for any ideas you guys might have.
  10. Thanks so much!! I think I had this downloaded before, but didn't realize it had what I was looking for.
  11. Sorry if this has already been asked: I'm having trouble finding animation packs that have creatures being topped or penetrated (anally/vaginally/etc) by PC, or mods that have any content like this. Does anyone know a link to a pack that has this sort of content?
  12. I'd also love this! I'd do it myself if I knew how/had time to learn, but I should probably pick my battles. Just adding on for getting this thread noticed
  13. Oof thank you for linking me the pre-loader, not only did I forget that but I forgot to install net script framework in the first place, which explains a lot of other things! Thanks for the support, I'm glad everything is working now haha.
  14. Sorry I should also add using the init command or setting the tree to 1 didn't seem to help either, just so it's more clear. It doesn't disregard the commands, but also nothing seems to happen.
  15. I'm glad you got it working, I'm having issues too trying to get the tree to show up. I tried installing the framework but it didn't fix it for me. It's a fantastic concept for a nympho character, I'm excited to get it working! Was there anything else anybody else did to get the tree to appear? (lesser powers/hotkeys don't seem to work)
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