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  1. So I'm aware that most skse mods would require an update on author's end to work with the new skse64 for the recent cc update on SE, which is why I didn't update, my question now is will future mods made with the new skse work properly on my current game? and what about my existing mods that will get updated to the new skse, will they stop working right if I update them?
  2. Is there a more detailed explanation on how the npc assign works? I read all the github notes and the development blog topics but I still can't figure out how to assign npcs, when I click that dialogue my screen went blue and I can't open any menu, the only way I can do anything is asking my follower to go to the device but the screen stays blue the whole time.
  3. It seems once the npc dies it returns to the ugly default vanila outfit, is there any ways to make them wear the normal inventory outfit like when they were alive?
  4. I have the strip option to 0 and give outfits normally through inventory, no manager was used and the npc is wearing that clothes, when the victim die, I waited a few hours, travel back, and the body returned to its ugly vanila default outfit, I did the same with the mcm set to complex strip and end up with the same result, so I guess what I'm asking is whether there's a way keep the inventory outfit, the one npv wears when it die, or maybe that's the engine's decision and can't be changed? Edit: actually the npc always revert to its default clothes dead or alive after changing cell
  5. Yeah I think the game switch from inventory outfit to default when npcs aren't with you for performance reason, aft probably would try to delete the default if you let it manage which is why I go with simple manager, but as beautiful as that mod works it legit suppress the inventory and I'm kinda having problem with that now
  6. Yes it is, but the mod basiclly ties whatever outfit to the npc and I'm trying to escape from that
  7. Are there ways to stop letting mods handle the armors on my followers? I use aft and simple npc outfit manager, I think the latter is the one that keep putting assigned outfits back to my follower, I did disable and enable the npc, resetAI, killing and resurrect, pickpocket and the same armors keep going back, is there a way to stop this?
  8. Ah thanks, I actually don't mind the original act all bugged out, in fact I'll probably kill the original too, I just want to know if it can damage my save in any other way
  9. This mod works flawlessly for me, however there's one thing that actually isn't a problem for this mod but I hope someone here have insight on it, I use simple npc outfit manager to assign different outfits for each of my victims using the same outfit manager slot, they wear the assigned clothes correctly when alive, but their corpses for some reason all get updated to whatever outfit I current have in that slot and changes with it, is there some way to avoid that? Also is there any way to put clothes on the corpses so they keep wearing the same outfit?
  10. Thank you, I have the mod, it probably looks better if I leave em on the street but thanks for the idea
  11. I only have 5 nazeems since that's the maximum number of cross in a cell, now I'm looking for more appealing decoration
  12. I'm using Pama´s Permanent Crucifixes, the mod kinda requires a lot of npcs to eventually die but I don't wanna risk breaking quests by using vanilla npcs so I'm looking for mods that provide decent looking npcs, follower packs, anything, most of what I found are some 6 year old conversation with plastic looking faces so I'm hoping to get some ideas from others. I'm playing on sse version.
  13. I'm using Pama´s Permanent Crucifixes it seems it requires the npc to be eventually killed and I don't want to sacrifice my followers, that's why I wanted to know if I can safety copy them, since that's a no I'll just get more npc mods now
  14. I'm aware that place at me can cause glitches and break quests in game, never used it in normal playthrough, but can it be done at simple followers from mods that doesn't have quest tied to them? given that I kill the duplicates right after cloning, will that affect the original followers?
  15. Just wanna know if poses mods can be removed on my current save without breaking it
  16. Bit of a newbie question, but is there anything to be done before updating to a new version? new save? tweaks in mcm?
  17. good thing kinda wish there's a more detailed guide on the mcm settings
  18. good thing, works just fine on my character, but I did something very stupid and used simple outfit manager to put this on one of the innkeepers, right now she won't change this outfit and it's not in her inventory either, is there someway to fix this? this whole thing is just me being dumb, I'm sure she's good with stuck in that forever anyway
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