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  1. nitras

    Zoophilia with WickedWhims

    So what we really need? Animations or modification for WW to add animals?
  2. Hi guys again! I am so happy we have Sexlab for SE and thanks fow that work. But now I want ask, about animations in SL pack are animations or I msut install from diffrent source? If need to install new do you have any converted to SE edition? Do creatures works, I need instal old mods or there are new mods for this?
  3. nitras

    WickedWhims - 11 May 2018

    I fix this but still have skin issues sometimes have strange textures. But turbo what you mean by no need boobs and tongues? Yuo mean nipple textures, or boucing boobies?
  4. nitras

    WickedWhims - 11 May 2018

    Any idea why penis is in wall? I remvoed old cas files and left only 3 new WW.
  5. Dziękuję Myszko. Zobaczę jak wygląda mod po polsku Zauważyłem błąd podczas testu na płodność nie pokazuje wartości liczbowej.Są same %.
  6. nitras

    Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    I am stuck in cell any idea how to breed with calf?
  7. You know why people say no? Because they don't know they want this. Do yuo really need new Iphone when you buy a new one in last year? Probably no. But you buy it because you can. And I will download this mod because I can. Sims 3 mods are realyl good but game is old and have lots of issue because game engine and no loading screens. I am really waiting for good animations for zoo scenes.
  8. nitras

    WickedWhims - 11 May 2018

    Will WW support pets?
  9. nitras

    Female Wrap Retextured

    It is possible to add them like additional cloths not a retexture?
  10. Https don't works, and I have no data encryption.
  11. I wat for robot sex mod, and mabe more animals?
  12. I am waiting for whooho
  13. nitras

    SL Kidnapped Redux

    It is possible to put save spost where kidnapping is not allowed?