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    Well, humorous stuff and i am pretty open about jokes, Gaming(Ofcourse), I have a strong liking for poems and deep philosophical conversations. Blah blah blah, many more stuff, if you really wanna know me then don't be shy and say hi ^_^
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    I like to make a lot of joke and some are offensive :3 but don't worry i don't usually mean most of em :D, so if you cannot take a god damned joke we cannot be friends T_T,
  1. Woah! never mind i actually found her! looks like never giving up works :3
  2. Hey man i absolutely loved The Animal Mansion and i am really excited to see what this mod offers but you see currently i am tied by a really busy schedule so i only get around 1 hour of playtime...and call me stupid but,i have been stuck on the start when you find the hunter i have played for about 4-5 days now and i understand you want this to be fun for us all but i have become pretty tired of finding her and i would love for you to spoil her location for me ..pretty please? xP (And sorry for my mistakes in english not my native language )
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