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  1. Hi there are you still developing on devious framework? I like the mod very much and would like to see it updated for dd 5.0 and SSE if possible. We are reviving right now slaverun reloaded and would like to add it later as a soft dependecy

  2. Hi there are you planning on extending or reevaluating "devious framework" when CL 9 is out? Perhaps for SE? Or are your plans for this mod on ice?

  3. I would like to thank Verstort for all his work on this. It's been a great mod and it inspired a lot of what I have been working on. I have not given up interest in this project at all; however, I rarely have time to work on it; today being the first day in many months that I've had some time. I will continue to work on the mod and make some updates but I expect them to be rather slow in arriving . Going forward I expect many of the changes I make to be dependent on my Devious Framework (DFW) mod. I don't see a point in creating redundant systems and not using th
  4. Getting the drag mechanism to work has always been mostly trial and error guesswork to see what doesn't break. Suggestions for improvement in this area are always welcome. I don't plan to try to get this into the next release of the mod but I should look into it for the subsequent release. Either incorporating some ideas in the current Drag mechanism or making an alternate mechanism. I'm a little curious why the .esm needs to be changed though. I would have thought the changes would be limited to the script. Thanks for the support, legume.
  5. Yes, the quest variable log doesn't have the quest variables in it. Did you open the console and run the console commands which would dump the variables to the console (Step 3)? The log file, I presume, is from the scenario that did not work. I might be interested in seeing a log file from this working scenario for comparison. Since I don't have version 2.06 installed it would be difficult to get a working log file. (Also, if I am right about what it going on it won't be needed. See below). At least as far as my mod is concerned "subtitled dialogues" are exac
  6. Once you are leashed... and you've been expecting something to be done for a little while, print off the quest variables using ConSkrybe. Try to wait until you're sure something is wrong. Also, the Papyrus Log file from the time you are leashed to the time you print the quest would be useful. There are pleny of instructions on how to enable your Papyrus Log File on the Internet. E.g. Here and Here. Make sure all of the debug logging in the MCM for both Devious Framework and DFW Support is configured for as much logging as possible. Hope this helps, legume.
  7. To get the "Walking to the Auction House" to work you need a few things: 1. You need Devious Framework installed. 2. You need the "Simple Slavery 5.3 with Devious Framework.7z" version of Simple Slavery installed. 3. You need to trigger being taken to the Simple Slavery Auction House (for example by being defeated). 4. You need to be within range of walking to the auction house. The range is meant to vary depending on MCM options; however, I think only Off and Distant is implemented. You will need "Walk-to Auction House" "Disable Feature" set to 0 (indicating the feature
  8. There aren't a lot of stages to the leash game. The next version will have significantly more but still well short of what I am envisioning. The "Chance of Idle Restraints" can be increased to increase how often the slaver adds certain restraints. This also applies to stripping the player and taking her weapons. Additionally asking NPCs to help you is likely to start a punishment which involves a gag and either furniture or a blindfold. There are menu options which should affect how likely you are to get assistance and how likely the slaver is to notice your trying t
  9. Shutting down the mod was never designed to be enabled again. I'm not sure the shutdown mod does very much... or that it does what it is supposed to do... or if it does anything useful. I'm starting to notice that if the mod is upgraded at the wrong time there is a chance some things won't upgrade properly. I expect this shutdown mod feature will be needed to make upgrading more reliable but at this point I'm really not sure what the problems are or what this feature needs to do. I don't see it as being unreasonable to make something that will shutdown the mod and allow it to b
  10. I've never seen or heard of such issues. The arm binders have always worked fairly well (apart from an issue of their being removed occasionally when they are not supposed to be). What version of the Devious Device mods are you using? I've heard rumours of a version 4. Perhaps my mod is not compatible with that. I use Assets:3.0 Expansion:2.0 and Integration:3.3. Happy gaming, legume.
  11. Right. You mentioned the MCM page was blank. No, there is a "Security Level" feature that will lock down the menu when the player is vulnerable but it does so by greying out the options. A blank MCM page usually indicates a significant problem with the mod . Either a script has stopped running or some data has become significantly corrupt. My guess is the dfwsDfwSupport script has stopped running or stopped responding. This is supposed to be attached to the _dfwsDfwSupport quest. The console command ShowQuestVars _dfwsDfwSupport will show some information about the scripts on th
  12. The DFW Support (DFWS) mod should be listening for the Devious Framework (DFW) Leash Safeword. It's a bit of a hack but it should work. When DFWS hears the safeword has been used it should release the leash game. This process is done using mod events. Most likely what has happened is the DFWS mod lost it's mod event registrations so it is not receiving some or all of the events it registered for. I've seen this happen reasonably frequently but I have no idea what is causing it. Once the mod events are properly registered they seem to work for the whole game but sometimes they don't r
  13. I haven't been following this thread completely so bear with me if I am saying something out of context. I noticed a discussion regarding my mod (Devious Framework (DFW)) and read this post over a little. Seeing it I wanted to bring up a point that was possibly overlooked. DFW has an option to re-equip Devious Devices when they are removed improperly. In the situation being described it may be that you are removing the visual ("rendered") devices via the console but you are not removing the "inventory device" associated with the restraint. If the "inventory device" is not removed and
  14. Sorry all, Real Life has been keeping me terribly busy lately (and will continue to). I'll try to address some of the issues that have been posted on the forums but I don't have time to delve into any of them too deeply. It wouldn't be terribly difficult to do something like this. I did a patch for Simple Slavery that secures the player in a random piece of furniture while she is being auctioned and it wasn't too difficult. However, I don't see this saving any work from the point of view of my mod, it would have to be added as a feature. If people want something like thi
  15. Yes, work is definitely needed to get around trespasser alarms in a number of different situations. This will be needed before the player can be kept in a shop, for example. That is something I'll have to learn how to do and apply it to the various situations but for now it isn't a high priority. There have been reports that travelers from Populated Roads can be made into slavers using TES5Edit. I haven't tried it myself but supposedly it has been at least reasonably effective and is pretty easy to do. Instructions can be found in these - three - posts. Hope this helps, legume.
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