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    I can help beginners having difficulties or issues with modding, just ask.

    I might start creating mods for skyrim soon, depending on how fast I learn or if I give up on it. I'm open to talk about whatever, prefered that you read everything on my profile first though THIS MEANS THE ABOUT ME SECTION WHICH I AM STILL EDITING AND ADDING TO.

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  1. Hi, I may be interested, I am trying to get into modding and perhaps could help, although obviously it would take time to learn something so complicated I am a quick learner when I am interested/motivated! If you would like to continue this conversation please do that in my messages.
  2. On the modpage it does not say 3ba support, only cbbe, furthermore I did not find a sse page for the mod, did you convert the mod for se use or did you just download and use the oldrim version?
  3. alright I found it, although I don't think it has been converted to se, it is called alive peeing. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60475
  4. I saw a peeing mod in an Mxr Mods video once, that's about all I know, I could try to find the video again but he has so many it;ee probably take a while or be unsuccessful, but hopefully this serves as encouragement for you to keep looking
  5. I can most likely help, but you need a lot more information than just saying your mods won't work
  6. geez sorry I took so long to reply, but yes, I did all of those things and I usually run FNIS if I am having issues with anything.
  7. I've tried all of those things, I also tried readying my weapons and much more, I'm just gonna delete estrus chaurus
  8. Also the quest, at least last time i tried, would not work, it would just delete itself after curing whatever parasite and a quest for feeling empty after removal would show up then delete itself, I'll be trying it again but maybe that's helpful to know
  9. sorry for not mentioning, despite it probably being obvious, I am referring to sexlab parasites
  10. Hi, I've been very anxious to get this mod working, and over several reinstalls and new ganes I've come across many major issues that either make the game unplayable (stuck infinitely in the egg laying animation, lets me interract with companions or pick up items but keeps me laying there) or do something else extremely undesireable, like the quests being broken. I so want this mod to work though, it's the only one I've found that explores parasites in a way like this. I also could not find anywhere in blackreach anything related to a chaurus queen despite looking for a good while other than a
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