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  1. I just checked on what animation mods I have, I got XP32 MSSE, FNIS, Flower girls, and the only SLAL mods I have are SLAL Billy animations and SLAL SE Creature animations. I assume I'm missing the right animation mod?
  2. I can't remember which mod has the animations, and I didn't register anything
  3. And I do have the full version of the SexLab frameworks mod
  4. I recently downloaded a few mods relating to sexlab, and when I use the "Pleasure Self" spell or hire a working girl, there is no animation, they just stand there as the audio plays. Maybe I haven't downloaded all of the necessary mods?
  5. I'm getting an error from vortex saying that the version of SexLabAroused I have is intended for Skyrim(2011) and not SSE, even though I coulda swore I got it from the SSE mod page, does anyone have any idea on how I can fix this issue?
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