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  1. ive got MNC installed along with creature framework but i cant initiate the animations on creatures it says "they are a valid creature type, but have no valid animations currenty enabled or installed" i have a few animation packs as well all of them should be working properly i enabled creatures in sexlab too dont know whats the problem
  2. ill try the 2 ingame waiting days thingie then get my illusion up and try the second one if it doesnt work thanks ^^
  3. so i installed a few mods loaded my already existing save and there were no problems until i noticed i had a bounty on falkreath i dont remember getting it anyways i decided to pay it off and when i teleported to falkreath there were 2 options i submit and youll never take me alive i chose i submit and afterwards there were 2 choices whats gonna happen to me and cant you just let me go regardless of the outcome (having to do a walk of shame or having to pay off 2000 gold by prostitution or just being let go) i would get attack afterwards by the entirety of falkreath tried opening god mode wait
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