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  1. Yep. I created FemaleActor folders now too, trying to test out whether 3rd person perspectives are called up when non-PC involved 4p and 5p scenes happen. But if you said that if Apropos code doesn't trigger according to those conditions, Billyy's Human 3p scenes (so does the other 3p [leito, FB and zyn] and even Zyn 4p [gay fourway], FB 4ps) does trigger Apropos, although they take the single MaleActor_Female descriptions (of relevant tags). Come to think of it, Billyy's 4p and 5p DIDN'T trigger Apropos single MaleActor_Female descriptions (before I made them unique animation descriptions). I think I'll check Billyy's 4p and 5p tags if they differ markedly from the 3ps. But I doubt it. UPDATE: Ok, I checked and the similarity of Billyy's 4p and 5p tags is Gangbang. The only other animation in my lists that uses it appear to be FunnyBizness Rape 5way MMMMF. When I tried out FB's 5p animations, the Rape5Way didn't trigger Apropos but FB's 5p Nympho did, and after animation patchup in removing the "Gangbang" tag from the relevant animations, it has worked ! .... But now a new oddity has surfaced, at the orgasm stage for my unique animation descriptions for Billyy's 4p and 5p, rather than displaying the unique Orgasm description, the orgasm stage seems to take description from the general MaleActor_Female. Other unique description animations have been working just fine. All of this is weirding me out. UPDATE2: My orgasm description wasn't json validated initially and I missed out a " . D'oh!
  2. Guys, I'm having a problem having Apropos display UNIQUE animation descriptions for Billyy's Human 4p and 5p gangbang animations. At first I was confused over what animation IDs should I use for the files and folders, and for the use in the unique animation json file. But after trial and error and looking at Apropos' own console output, I pretty much think I've done it right. Now, for clarity, I made the descriptions as Male_Actor (as I play as a male character) not Female_Actor although due to the relatively malleable nature of nearly all 3p and above animations towards actor placement, the need to make descriptions appropriate to actor involvement leads to me generally making the descriptions more like 3rd person as opposed to pure 1st person perspectives. Although, I doubt this affects anything. But there's still no Apropos description output, which is weird because the Billyy 3p animations still get their outputs, though they call up the original single MaleActor descriptions of their relevant tags.
  3. Are there anyone working on Apropos unique animation descriptions for the Human animations? The 4p and 5p sure could use some work.
  4. Guys, a few versions back, the sex acts dialogue were branched out to a few categories (vaginal,anal,oral), with corresponding voiced lines replies. With the latest versions consolidating all acts into one dialogue (probably to simplify and enable easier scene callups), I think the voiced line replies to the unique categories don't show up anymore. Can anyone please check in the esp if the voiced line replies still exist internally or if anyone has the older versions of SLAA, so that we can salvage them. I'm hoping to at least reuse those voiced line replies in the current version dialogue system as randomised possible replies. I understand that each voice type has unique lines to each dialogue, so it'll be quite a task.
  5. I wonder why for skirt-like armors/clothes (kilts and imperial armors), there is clipping on movement with them. At first I thought the HDT xml is a problem, so I deleted the HDT address branch in nifskope for a choice few armors (the bandit furs), but still they clip. Any ideas?
  6. Never mind. Apparently the boot mesh had an unnecessary NiAlphaProperty which made it invisible. But in the end, I deleted the boot and leg armor mesh because the boot didn't have textures for the bottom part, leaving a gaping hole to see into when crouching. So much for that.
  7. I need some help with the E'lara armor. According to this website , in order to prevent equipping of footwear (due to the mesh already including a boot mesh slotted to body part 32, with relevant bone node) the BOD2 Biped Body Template person flags needs to activate slot 37 in the ARMA and ARMO record. I also added the armor to a different ARMA and ARMO record as opposed to the original esp that for some reason injects its record (I'd say it's not a really good idea for just a simple armor mod to be taking that approach). But I'm facing the weird effect where the boot/feet part becomes invisible. I've checked in nifskope and outfit studio for what may be wrong and can't find the reason. I even looked into the Gothic Mistress outfit which covers from the feet to hands (all mesh parts SBP 32, with ARMA record flag 32,33,34,37,38 and ARMO 32,33,34,37), and don't see why it should not work for E'lara.
  8. hotrack

    Project: Unified UNP

    I've managed to edit the armor for WIP conversion by separating the left-right arms of the armor and only-move-rotate some of the parts to partly align to the UUNP body. I hope someone else with more skill can carry on the conversion to a UUNP BodySlide. Onechambara Z Kagura Alt UUNP WIP.zip
  9. Another possible option is to re-texture the FS penis meshes to SOS textures, but I have even less experience in textures, and my experiments on direct replacement of the textures have been failures.
  10. After some headway into understanding Outfit Studio and some snippy-snippy work on some other Nexus male armors to make them SOS_Revealing, I decide to return to b3lisario's Revealing male "armors" and try to edit the Revealing Black Lotus - FavoredSoul and Revealing Zhanyi - FavoredSoul - ErectVersion . Specifically, I intend to replace the FS penis meshes with SOS meshes. Now, I don't intend to actually make it a REAL SOS conversion, where the genitals scales like normal to each NPC, actor etc. I merely intend to replace the genital mesh, scaled and transformed to fit the armor _0 _1 meshes, with the penis mesh taking the textures of the SOS addon, allowing it be as seamless as it can to the main SOS body, texture-wise. The help I need is, I have no idea how to: transform, curve the vertices so that the SOS penis mesh contours the way the original FS penis meshes fit to the armors. If it requires Blender, the more I am at a loss.
  11. hotrack

    Project: Unified UNP

    Need some help UUNP-ing Onechanbara Z Kagura Alternative Outfit CBBE V3 . I thought I'd try my hand at it in OS but it seems to be aligned to some weird ... skeleton, I think.
  12. hotrack

    SOS Genital Seam on Armour Conversions

    Just came up on this topic after googling for how to use SoS with Outfit Studio to edit some SoS-based but customised-bodymesh outfits, and actually came out with BodySlide files and an awesome short tutorial on how to do it all! Thanks all around!
  13. hotrack

    Project: Unified UNP

    Had a look at the bone-weights and the Breast01 (among other parts [compared the bones to other more prominent UUNP conversions]) part is present in the SliderSet and correlates to the part I see clipping on movement. I should expect the problem to be resolved. Thanks! Certainly something new I learned and to be aware of regarding other and future less-than-standardised conversions.
  14. hotrack

    Project: Unified UNP

    I'm at a loss (not that I'm experienced at Outfit Studio at all) to figure out why this already-UUNP-converted DEM Start Dress still clips on movement. Even changing them to body slot 32 and adding a reference body doesn't seem to cure its clipping (on movement). Reading the github wiki on Outfit Studio I still have no idea what's actually wrong with the SliderSet or ShapeData files that's causing the clipping.
  15. hotrack

    Revealing male "armors"

    This seems weird. Since I use SOS, looking in nifskope, seeing that the Revealing Zhanyi penis mesh should be taking its textures from FavouredSoul-compatible textures by way of using the usual malebody address, I thought I would re-address the penis mesh (leaving the main body texture address to follow SOS body textures) texture address to the same texture folder of the armors and place the FS body textures there. But it still looks like that picture. It doesn't seem to make sense why not. EDIT: NVM, I decided to follow the example of the Revealing Black Lotus armor and copy the penis mesh to separate _0 _1 files, remove the penis mesh from the armor mesh, add a new ARMA entry to join them in the ARMO record, create the TXST, and re-address them accordingly, to get the textures on the penis mesh. It has worked though what remains is the somewhat less-than-satisfying FS penis textures (they are jarring to my use of other SOS textures). But at least I now have two, three more (body, texture) SOS-somewhat-compatible revealing armors.