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  1. The expansive Buxom Wench Yuriana mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77903?) have been updated and now has soft SL hookups (SexLab is not a hard dependency). However, I noticed through Apropos, the Buxom SLAVE wench SL scenes doesn't register as aggressive events as the consensual messages run up, rather than non-consensual ones (with my SexLab settings, aggressive animations can be called up, but they remain as consensual events because they are unrestricted). I'd like to know what to mod to make the SLAVE Wench SL events be deemed as non-consensual. This is the script in question: Though I believe with this particular function, one could show me what to edit in order to get an aggressive/rape Apropos response:
  2. Guys, I need some tangential Apropos help. [REQUEST] Help with Buxom Wench Yuriana SexLab script The Buxom Wench Yuriana mod has been updated with a soft SL hookup dependency. However, the animation callup for acts that are bound to the mod's dialogue choices that are aggressive in nature, seems to treat them as consensual as consensual Apropos messages are the ones that turn up (I've un-restricted Aggressive animations, so I don't really know if only consensual animations show up, but that's not really the problem). I added the whole script in the help request, but I'll just spoiler one part that may give a clue where someone could see where it should be tweaked to get an Aggressive Apropos.
  3. Actually, removing those forearm and calf meshes were the easy part. It's this unusual inability to conform to the reference shape. the somewhat similar prisoner rags mesh conforms normally, but the miners' one is resistant to sliding with the reference.
  4. I need some help. I'm trying to remove the vanilla edited miner's clothes of the forearm and calf cloths in Outfit Studio, but for some reason when I tried to conform the shape to the SOS male body slider, it doesn't really conform that much. The mesh moves in tandem to the slider fit a bit, but the reference body then clips right through it, even tried both _0 & _1. The rest of my OS edits works just fine, this one is baffling me as to why this particular mesh seems reluctant to conform.
  5. I think there's trouble with the Immersive Armors Dragon Knight Light Armor SOS conversion. Vertices going all whacko ingame (weighting issue perhaps?) and CTD when I tried to equip it in a small interior cell.
  6. Question: I'm currently TES5Editing around, and have gotten around to making revealing armors show up as 'naked' in SAR. Should I add armors to the sla_NakedArmorList formlist (which I'm currently doing), or do I add the EroticArmor keyword to individual armors? (I use Perkus Maximus, so I generally use override these things to the Patchus Maximus esp). Any real difference between the two methods?
  7. Huh. Didn't really see it in the description, but it's still reads like an area-scanner, rather than one that would bring up NPCs on its own, sets up the SL scene, and doesn't bother the PC with it (unless it's interrupt-able for hostile factions, etc.).
  8. Hmm. Still looks like Scent of Sex. Since most of these mods that do random sex are 'area scanners' as opposed to like how random encounter scenes call up specific NPCs to do a specific scene, it's not what I had in mind. SL Approach is still a NPC to PC mod. I'm much more interested in a only-NPC SexLab random encounter that utilises the usual random encounter spawn points, etc. The Drunken Sluts is also more of a NPC to PC mod, although it is closer to the vision of a random encounter (though SexLab is still PC initiated).
  9. I'm unsure if there are any SL mods that insert solely as random/world encounters. Or even ones that don't involve the player. I was thinking while I do have SL Defeat, and Scent of Sex to trigger some animations on some level of control and context, it would still be great to go around and finding an 5-NPC Orc group gangbanging an NPC bandit, a dremora having his way with his inept conjurer, a vampire shagging his victim before feeding, basically a kind of vanilla world encounters, Immersive World Encounters and Extended Encounters meet SexLab. I'd really like to have my 2p,3p,4p and 5p animations be utilised more often organically, rather than activating Scent of Sex and having a rule check.
  10. Hmmm. Certainly a fitting outfit for 3DNPC's Alendriel. Though preferably visually-replaced with another more appealing NPC beforehand (I use this).
  11. I also put this up on the Modern Brawl Bug Fix page on Nexus because more or less it was more of a request, idea floatation or general moddability question, that may or may not involve Modern Brawl Bug fix at all.Since most PC to NPC brawls result in an upgrade of the PC's relationshiprank to the brawled NPC, there is one I think that doesn't fit the picture, and that is Rolff Stone-Fist. He seems more to be a type that would be a sore loser, and his ending response does seem to bear it out. So it would be much more appropriate for the relationshiprank state to change from acquaintance 0 to rival -1. Currently, I just console the relationshiprank change on my own but I would like someone to make the change through the script that does it originally. But as I'm inexperienced in scripting and I'm unsure whether it's the brawl script that is in question that makes the relationshiprank change, I'd like for some help in this, and if someone achieves this independently, it would be best shared on Nexus.
  12. I have a question regarding captives that are Zaz yoke, pillory or X-cross bound. I'm actually using a personally modified ol' Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps, but I guess the question applies pretty much the same. How do I filter these NPCs that are bound with Zaz stuff, to use sex animations (SLAL or otherwise) that are appropriate to their Zaz devices? I've never really used the Zaz furniture sex animations so I'm not really sure how this goes about, and the reading I've done of the Billy SLAL pack that were made with Zaz furniture in mind talks of a 'filter'.
  13. I suddenly realised I overlooked a resource to expand the descriptions' repertoire. Translated hentais. One-liners galore!
  14. Have made a new playthrough and have made the transition to Apropos 2.0. After a few non-Apropos glitches and a few Apropos description glitches (my json files editing had formatting typos), everything seems to work as intended, with some nice extras I am appreciative of post-Apropos 1.0. However, I am wondering why in my setup Apropos 2.0 descriptions seems a bit slow in starting, as compared to 1.0, even orgasm descriptions only end up fully loading AFTER my characters have ended SL animations (stage timers are on default). While I'll be extending SL stage timers to make up for the delay, I would like to know whether the traces and notifs output to external logs could slow down the whole thing, and whether there is performance gain if I were to turn them off (the console output is generally easier for me to get realtime info if something goes wrong mid-Apropos).
  15. Or just slap Azel's visual attributes onto the NPC of your choice through the NPC Visual Transfer tool. I use nt686's (who made Azel) Estrion for use on 3DNPC's Rumarin.
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