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  1. Say, are there any FemDom descriptions somewhere lurking here or in Apropos 2? Certainly could use a few descriptions in this genre.
  2. hotrack

    M2M Gay Animations

    I'm unsure how to edit the M2MAnimationsScript and M2MSSLMCM to have only these animations listed (removing the ones not listed) : M2M Power Driver M2M Facedown Fuck M2M Missionary M2M Aggressive Facedown M2M Deep Kissing M2M FP Kissing M2M FP Kissing 2 M2M FP Hand Trace M2M Aggressive Face Fuck Can someone help me & preferably compile (I've never compiled a script with my oldrim) the 2 files for only these animations? (trying to keep to the FNIS limit)
  3. I just remembered that SSE has a blended SOS Lite Hybrid Argonian texture, and after looking at it in game: it's still just as jarring in the diffuse texture. But I think it could be the basis for combining it much more seamlessly rather than using Born Dragon since Fluff's Hybrid Argonian face textures were modified from Masculine Argonian. The continuing problem is the difference in glossiness, which I still have no idea how to match.
  4. I think learning how to use Scent of Sex is much better as it gives much more control. Although I use SLEN and the orgy dialogue option is simple to use, it is also dependent upon the NPCs in the area. For example, NPCs that have been raised to a friend relationshiprank by doing favors may join in the SLEN orgy, even though they are not followers (or ones you'd rather not have joining the orgy).
  5. Thanks to ZwabberdieBo's work in Born Dragon Skin and knowledge gained from how viwi made SOS Standalone male followers , I decided to use the great nt6486's Half Dragon Race mod as a basis for a Masculine Argonian-textured human/mer hybrid with 'standalone' SOS functionality for my male Player Character. While for the most part I am satisfied with the result, I am hoping for an experienced texture modder for help in combining/blending the Born Dragon head texture (used for the human/mer heads) with the Masculine Argonian Lizard texture. Currently the main issue with Born Dragon skin is that it has no SOS-compatible versions. However, I still prefer Masculine Argonian's body textures anyway, and that presents a problem in that the hue (I think) in the diffuse of both skins are different enough that in lighter end of the slider, the difference becomes obvious. The Argonian scales going to the neckline is also a bit jarring and it would be nice to have it seamlessly blended to the Born Dragon head. But I consider the difference in specular, gloss textures of the Born Dragon head wit the body to be more important as it is more jarring as shown in the picture. I'm hoping in some help as I am not familiar with texture modding.
  6. hotrack

    Apropos 2

    Any progress yet on male-male perspective support? I'm starting a new playthrough and wonder if I should hold off if such an update would be a clean-save/new-game sort of update.
  7. Can someone help in making the hiring of the prostitutes add to the player's relationshiprank with the NPC (preferably in a geometric fashion: 5 times to be a friend, further 10 to confidant, further 15 to ally, further 20 to lover)? Which script would need patching, preferably so it won't overwrite the SL patch?
  8. I think I'll park my similar problem here. Some followers I've recruited seems to have ditched their clothes when I dismissed them (but weirdly, only those recruited late in the game seems to suffer this affliction), so I decided that since some of the followers have walking packages that lead them outdoors, it feels immersion breaking. I came upon Naked Follower Fix for EFF and while the script just re-equips body and feet armor/clothes if it detects the followers naked, it seemed to satisfy my requirements. But now the real problem: When SL strips them, the EFF patch script RE-EQUIPS the body and feet stuff as SL animates. Is there any other solution for the EFF naked issue that does not interfere with SL?
  9. Or could it be that OP is describing the SL feature option of ragdolling at the end of animation?
  10. I have a modified, edited, merged (with some other Populated stuff) Populated Forts and Places. I'm noticing that as I continue my game some bunches of Populated bandit (none of the Forsworn have yet to show this trait) NPCs at certain forts (currently Fort Greymoor and Faldar's Tooth are experiencing this) are just standing around (I have increased the AI limit). All of them were fighting me just fine at the early start of the playthrough. They are still considered hostile by Bandit-faction Enemy NPCs (my Immersive Patrol NPC fort battlers also whack them like they're training dummies), even player followers will still kill them, they just don't fight back. Some other Populated bandits and the rest of the vanilla bandits within the same general area are fine and are mobile and hostile as usual. Since there was no changes made to the mod mid-game, the behaviour is perplexing since I believe it is the same group of Populated bandits rather than randomising each time they respawn, so I thought it feels weird if it was an AI limit issue. The only thing that I think could force NPCs to be like that would be SL Defeat, but I don't see how it can persist in this way.
  11. Other people have hosted the files. Read through the Shinshi thread and you'll get the link. I advise however the supplied UUNP conversion is decidedly non-standard so I myself had to redo the ones I wanted in OutfitStudio. And I think some of the projects mesh export names don't match up with the esp. plugin mesh filenames, so think of the collection as a resource, not a finished mod.
  12. Have finally found the base outfit of the modified ShinShi armor: Armors of Dragon Champion
  13. FINALLY found the base outfit for generaltuliusf.PNG Ironically, despite being a good-looking armor and even being on Nexus, it didn't seem to be mentioned at all in mitakusaner's blog. Armors of Dragon Champion I think I won't need to find the original leather apron outfit since even if I was to rename it, it'll probably end up being leather/blacksmith/apron/robe whatever anyway.
  14. hotrack

    Apropos 2

    Nah, nothing new to add. I really have no idea why my OLD Apropos don't display descriptions for animations tagged with the specific tag "Gangbang" (does any mod actually use that tag?). Since it seems that Apropos 2.0 doesn't need removal of "Gangbang" from animation tags, very much thanks for the checkup!
  15. hotrack

    Apropos 2

    A while back when I was writing unique descriptions for Billy's MMMF animations for the old Apropos, I found out that the Gangbang tag didn't call up descriptions of any kind with Apropos (removing the tag with patchups enabled Apropos descriptions to display). Since I'm not using Apropos 2.0 yet, has anyone tested if this is still present?