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  1. I did place it on a community lot😂I solved this problem already, I just made a mistake in game setting by accidentally ,there is no problem with the mod, but thanks for your time!!!!!!sorry for bothering you.😅
  2. Also you mentioned this one, but as far as I know, if people installed Nraas SP, they need to turn autonomy off once they installed KW, otherwise there will be conflict between them, so that means I need to uninstall Nraas SP to make a brothel running? Thanks for you time, thank you very much!!!!😅
  3. Hi, actually I figured out how to hire workers yesterday, but then the problem of rabbit hole thing what I mentioned in other post came out, then I need to fix that firstly, and now I just solve the problem, I found that I just turn the' don't show inside details when not using that property'(I don't know the English here I just translated those words I read) on by accidentally, since I got that problem done, now I can stick with managing brothel problem, I have already tried by myself yesterday, I hired 5 females as whores, and set my brothel's working time from 17:00 to 4:00, but when it com
  4. and by the way, the author of this brothel building CHboom! has mentioned that he is not using this mod instead of assigning a sim to be a dancer, what should I do to use his way, use a nraas register or something else? I didn't see the dancer as a career showed in my career list. Thanks again!!!
  5. actually it seems I can't use the mod right now, I think there is conflict with my other mods, I found that when I use the mod and then I change back the screen of my accommodation, I couldn't go inside my house, and my house became like a rabbit hole, but I am not sure whether the 'Dancer stage' caused the problem, it's 4 am but I am still working on it, may I ask if that mod works smoothly in your game? it will save a lot of time, THANKS!!!
  6. Thanks a lot, this brothel is one of the best brothels I found over the whole loverslab, thanks again!!!
  7. The swimming pool seems doesn't work or maybe it is because the resolution ratio I set? I founded walls of first floor and second floor are lack of those sexy paintings can I have the mod of those paintings? One more problem, I have downloaded the dancer's stage which included in downtown roles mod, I set the dancer's working time from 17:00 to 4:00, but I didn't see any dancer show up then, will it generated a dancer automatically or I need to assign one sim to become a dancer? it says in the guide of the mod that this dancer's stage will generate a dancer or i just misunderstood what it
  8. it solved, thanks. can I ask you some question about running a brothel, please!!! I need some guide.
  9. about the brothel, how to run a brothel, I have downloaded a brothel building which others shared and I have use my phone to registered a brothel, and also I created some sims then I hired them as whores, I set the open time for my brothel from 17:00 to 4:00, but when It comes to 18:00, these whores I hired still didn't show up, I use nraas master controller to find those whores to find out what are they doing, they were doing their own thing but they just don't go to my brothel to work, I thought it is because they are not in a good status so I use nraas master controller to set their needs t
  10. I have downloaded kinky world and also set a brothel, then how to make sims work for me and do I need to download the Nraas register or something else? who can provide some detailed guide for this, THINKS!!!!
  11. Hi, I really love the building, but the download link seems doesn't work anymore, is there anything I can do?
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