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  1. Exactly. Or at least that's the combination I use.
  2. I also had a 1080Ti and managed to get a RTX 3090. When I changed the graphics card I already had a working installation and I didn't notice any of these problems. The version of my Nvidia driver is 460.89 and here's some info about my ENB setup: - ENB series v0.448 - ENB Helper SE v1.5 - Skyrim SE Shader Bundle - 1.5.73 and earlier. This fixes an ENB SE problem with Skyrim v1.5.80. More info here. - Lucid ENB - for Cathedral Weathers and Seasons (own setup files attached) - Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB-SSE (2020-19-
  3. Has anybody tested if this work with this MasterDev's SE version of SLAX?
  4. Ignore it. Or get the newer version of this here. Just be sure you download the SE version
  5. I used this with SE for some time and I only used the Cathedral Assets Optimizer to meshes. It's a long time ago I did the conversion myself and IIRC there were some problems if I changed this to form 44. So no need to open this in CK.
  6. There's a bug in the installation files of v0.3.7. SSE version. The folder "15 BodySlide CBBE" should be named "15 BodySlideFilesCBBE". It causes an error during installation. Renaming the file seems to fix it.
  7. I noticed the discussion about ILS problem. This might be totally unrelated but writing it here shouldn't hurt. I'm using the SE version and used to have an ILS every now and then. One time when I started the MO2 I noticed a warning in the box below saying that a program called Sonic Radar might cause these problems. It game with my ASUS motherboard and it has been running in the background even though I never actually used that program. After I uninstalled it I haven't had any ILS. This could be worth to check.
  8. Do you have ENB installed? It has a wet skin setting and that happens during the rain and also some time after the rain, depending how it is set in the setup files.
  9. First post says: 02/28/2020 It was merged into CBBE 3BBB mod page because Ousnius gave me permission to upload 3BA body to Nexus. Therefore major updates are terminated. Just click the blue text.
  10. Try to open and close the console. Works for me with SE.
  11. Just a side note. MNC includes Creature Framework, so if you want to use the separate version of CF, install it after MNC.
  12. All the files (also v12) in this thread should be for SE and SE only. I use v12.1 myself.
  13. Form 43 is totally ok for SE, don't convert the SE mods in form 43 to form 44. You might break something.
  14. I noticed that same problem with the Armor Rating Redux and was just wondering what to do with that mod. Now I have a plan. Thanks.
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