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  1. melodic your outfit is beautiful, btw where can i find your bodyslide preset for the body in Heartbeat Lingerie outfit ? or is it private only ? thanks for the good work
  2. my condolence . may the family be granted ease and tranquility. for surely "We belong to GOD and to Him we shall return" . hope u can overcome and be granted happiness and ease in your life.
  3. Armor? This http://blog.naver.com/say4015/220885421902 You have password extract file ? i dont know. maybe rezkin know. anybody know which exact body that image is ? looks like 7bo but its different
  4. Armor? This http://blog.naver.com/say4015/220885421902 thanks for the reply what i want to know is not the armor but the body preset used . do you know ?
  5. Armor? no. body preset that is used . is it chsbhc ?
  6. hello. help anybody know what body is used in this screenshot ? thanks for the reply
  7. bump. i find tattoo like this but in neck in rutah tattoo pack unp. anyone know tattoo pack that have this tattoo on butt ?
  8. hello. anyone know which pack this tattoo is from ? searching anywhere without luck so far. thanks for the reply
  9. wanna ask whats the body type in video 6 ? is it 7base ?
  10. anyone have skse loader patch ? i want to try it but i dont have visual studio to compile the dll. thanks
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