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  1. still haven't fixed my animals having no animation problem
  2. oh, and should i not let nemesis overwrite FNIS then?
  3. also, i'm not getting a widget for MNC, is that a problem too?
  4. they just stand on top of my with their idle animations again
  5. i fixed it, i think it was something with Nemesis or something, but i also deleted all my old saves, also after all that i still dont have any animations, even though i downloaded a pack for it
  6. now im stuck in a sex animation, when i barely started my game
  7. hey, so i got FNIS creatures downloaded and there are still no animations animals, maybe its because i loaded into an old save file from before i installed it but i didn't think it necessary, but i will do that just to make sure
  8. i'm pretty much new to modding, didn't read cuz my brain is small and i dont really like to read long guides, thanks for the help, i'm going to see if this is the problem right now
  9. i downloaded MNC and Animal Aroused with all of its requirements and when in game i start a scene with a animal only player does animation while the animal is just there on top of the player doing nothing
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