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  1. I've hit a really frustrating bug, where subtitles will start cycling for animations, but won't stop after sex. I've not been able to narrow down which mod is the culprit. https://modwat.ch/u/haloodst39 I thought at first it was TDF Aroused Rape, but I disabled that, and still encountered the error. I've tried saving and reloading, waiting long time periods, entering different areas, nothing fixes it except for going back to a save before whatever scene broke the game. I also tried to disable the automatic free-camera in Sexlab because I saw that it could conflict with subtitles, but it still doesn't work. Would love any help if anyone has experienced this.
  2. I had this problem and found a workaround, no guarantees it will work for you. Before you load your preset, change the default preset slider to a different option. I do the one of the girl with the brown warpaint across her eyes. Then I load my preset and it works fine.
  3. Just the standard CBBE Curvy, everything batch built for the Outfit/Body CBBE Body HDT. Edit: I did adjust the BigBelly sliders to 20 each to support inflation, but that was the only change. I spent a lot of time trying to get COSIO to work around my outfits, but the HDT bone weights clipped pretty badly with my favorite outfits, so I had to pick one or the other (Not interested in reworking bone weights for outfits.)
  4. Just CBBE Curvey and Fair Skin Complexion. Weight is set to 100 for Bodyslide and Melodic Outfit purposes. Hair is KS Hairdos - HDT Physics and the BBP Fix. Preset is my own tweaked version of the Willa Holland from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90820?tab=description. You'll need all the mods that they have listed as dependencies. That's it! The NPCs is a whole other story. Thieves Guild All in One (Sapphire Only), Bijin AIO, Bijin Warmaidens, Wives, Pan's Initiates, Bijin NPCs, Pure Girls Heroine Replacer, and Eola Servant of Namira. I had to go through TES5 edit and ensure for specific NPCs that subsequent mods weren't overlapping what I wanted. But for 95% of NPCs I just let the load order do the work nicely. Would the indecent frame rate be due to Graphics Card? Or Processor... That might be a dumb question but I'm curious. I've always felt like I had to be pretty die hard about how perfect each value was set. Edit: Also do you recommend any good 2020-2021 relevant guides for setting up things like in files or enb presets?
  5. Okay that's good to know! I was always a little nervous of what numbers to have there. When I run the VRamSizeDX9 test from ENB, it gives me a Video Memory Available of 40704 MB. - Then I followed the instructions below from StepModification Download Boris's VRamSizeTest tool, run VRamSizeDX9.exe, and note the number it shows after "Video memory available." Then, if you are running Windows 7, subtract 170 from that number; if you are running Windows 8/8.1, use the number provided by the tool; and if you are running Windows 10, subtract 350 from that number. Use the result as the variable here. (Example 1: If VRamSizeDX9.exe shows 10240, and you're running Windows 7, you should subtract 170 to get 10070. Example 2: If VRamSizeDX9.exe shows 4064, and you're running Windows 8, you should use 4064. Example 3: If VRamSizeDX9.exe shows 11168, and you're running Windows 10, you should subtract 350 to get 10818.) So the 40704-350=40355... I must have fat fingered mine to a 40354 instead of 55.... Easy to fix though!
  6. I'm gonna give this a shot, thank you! [MEMORY] ExpandSystemMemoryX64=false ReduceSystemMemoryUsage=true DisableDriverMemoryManager=false DisablePreloadToVRAM=false EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks=false ReservedMemorySizeMb=1024 VideoMemorySizeMb=40354 EnableCompression=false AutodetectVideoMemorySize=false This is mine currently. I configured all my ini files going through the guides from StepModification, but their content may be outdated, so I'll read through the guide you posted and see if I find anything contrasting with what I have. Is there a reason you set 0 under your VideoMemorySize? Edit: Oo Gamerpoets uses Bethini too I guess. I watched a lot of his videos during the making of this.
  7. I didn't know that about the ESPs. Good to know now! I'll go ahead and swap those out with a standard texture mod then. Regarding your questions, My computer is very new. Intel i9-9900K, 64GB Ram, and a Geforce RTX 2080 Super. I'm using almost all the optimization tools I could find - Crash Fixes, Crash Log, Load Game CTD, and then some. I've made ini changes only to Enblocal, Enbseries, and the Skyrim / Skyrimprefs to support that. And Gukahn had stated that I would in fact need the Sexlab Defeat, but I'll read into it and find out what's needed I guess. Thank you for the tips and advice.
  8. That makes sense. I'm actually excited for that now. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for the advice! I'll definately switch out Submit. And by disable scripts, do you mean you can toggle off ESPs and just enable them when you're ready to play them? And that won't mess with the install or how anything works or any items added by anything? I'm new to disabling ESPs / toggling them mid playthrough. Edit: Should that Defeat that you linked replace both SL Defeat and Sexlab Submit? Or just Submit? Sometimes the load screens after the initial load can be 20-30 seconds, but transitioning from outdoors to cities / larger areas is almost always +1 minute. I've wondered if I configured something wrong. And I am running HDT (LE), and using HDT Hair and CBBE-HDT, but that's about it. I considered the HDT Equipment, but I know the toll that HDT has on any game. The biggest thing tanking framerate for me right now is actually fire effects from ENB, which I have a love-hate relationship with. I went back and forth a few times on where I should post it. It was both a 'proud want to share' and 'need help going forward with it'. I figured since the help aspect was more important to me, that I'd post it here. Maybe if necessary a moderator can move it? And I appreciate the catch on MNC! That's good to know. Thank you for that! - Is there any specific reason people don't use the hi-res packs, or any alternative thing used in place do you know?
  10. This is the first time I've been serious about modding for a long playthrough, one to keep me busy for a couple years I hope. I'm sitting comfortably with everything right now, but have some other things I'd like to add, and at this point I'd like the communities advice on what more I could do, and how stable things should be. https://modwat.ch/u/haloodst39 <- List of Mods on ModWatch. Most my mods are very large, or very script heavy. I only have a small handful of clothing mods and NPC / Followers. I've cleaned all the followers and town mods in TES5Edit and CK to deconflict everything, and I've ran a few dungeons and outside areas / towns to ensure things are stable. My questions for the mod list are; 1) I have really long load times. Anywhere from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. Is this okay as long as everything is stable? I get no CTD or errors. And as I play through quests and areas, will the load times risk getting longer? 2) Due to the long load times, how much more could I afford to add? I'd like to fill in some of the blank space in the world, and add some weapons and loot adjustments. 3) In regards to adding more weapons / items / loot adjustments, (I'd like to add Deviously Cursed Loot as well), would this Automated Leveled List Addon help with the process? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98170?tab=files 4) Does anyone see any potential problems with the mod list / order? Or any potential issues from any mods that you've played through? 5) Which is better to handle knockout states? Defeat or Sexlab Submit. I have SD+ installed as well, but I usually let all of them run at the same time, which doesn't conflict too much. But I know rule of thumb is to let only one handle it all. I would love to transition to Naked Defeat, but I think it conflicts with parts of the modlist right now. Any other comments or advice are really appreciated! I've spent about 2-3 months tediously building this, testing mods, and getting it stable, and the modding is as fun for me as the playthrough. If anyone has any questions about any of the setup! Or why I did / didn't pick certain mods, please ask! Some screenshots! 😄 (No-Kink shaming)
  11. @Monoman1 I just want to say I appreciate how you've carried on this mod. Glad for what you do.
  12. I appreciate both the responses. It worked and things are running well now. Thanks guys!
  13. I was wondering if someone could help me with the COSIO body in Bodyslide for an outfit. I've built my own preset based on the CBBE curvy, but each time I start the game with this bikini I end up with really bad clipping whenever I jump or crawl. I've tried building the outfit to the CosioHD preset, and tweaking the sliders on the outfit parts itself and building it for more room, but it still ends up clipping really bad. I've spent a few hours trying and feel I could be missing such a simple step or overlooking something. Imgur link to pictures of the problem below. I can't upload screenshots since I've not posted enough comments sadly. The outfit is from Melodic, and it's called the Amet Bikini. I can't post a link to the download, as Melodic doesn't allow it. But on their discord you can search for the outfit and download it. If anyone could please let me know what to do for the bikini panties to stop clipping, I'd be so thankful. EDIT: A little more about things I've tried. I've built the outfits specifically for the COSIO body - I've tried to just use the normal COSIOHD body with the COSIO preset and batch building everything. - I've tried to use the COSIO outfit with the CBBE Curvy preset and batch build everything. - I've tried tweaking the outfits in outfit studio but then end up with the breasts going really crazy and not at all fitting the outfit - I've tried building the COSIO outfit / body with smaller weights and then using large weights for the Bikini and building it separately. None of those have seemed to work for me unless I missed something.
  14. These are all so amazing. I think I've downloaded nearly half of them now and added them to my wardrobe. You do amazing work! And thanks for all you do.
  15. I'm having an issue where I can't seem to find creature animations under the sexlab framework. FNIS has been run, along with LOOT for load order. All necessary dependencies are also installed. Any sugggestions?
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