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    I am old enough to remember the 50¢ coin. I also don't call it cold outside until it reaches at least -10°F. Don't mess with me, man! lol

    I like to think of myself as clever and funny, but my brain comes up with some very disturbing things. So I try not to talk...

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  1. Good. LORD. That was frustrating. K, so, in order to finally get it to work, I had to: - Create a copy of the entire FallOut New Vegas folder and put it under C:\Users\Tiny\New Vegas (instead of the default Steam location) - Change aaaaaall the pathways in Mod Organizer 2 to reflect the new game location - Launch the un-altered game one time just to save, then quit. - Turn on Archive Invalidation (which is under "Configure Profile" in MO2 for anyone wondering) - Install the mod one more time and launch the game with it turned on - Load the previously created clean save Apparently my combination of anti-virus and anti-malware mark the Program Files folders of Windows 10 as extremely sensitive areas. Fuck sakes. This did not feel remotely worth it.
  2. Soooooooooo uh... I has problem. Whether I use FOMM or Mod Organizer 2 Whether I turn on Archive Invalidation or not Whether or not this is the first and only mod installed Whether I make a new character or load an old one And no matter what options I click when the mod manager installs it I get an ugly black spot around my crotch that looks like very badly done underwear. Where the fuck am I going wrong?! 😰 (Attached screenshot was taken with absolutely nothing else installed except the official DLCs, and Type N being the first and only thing activated through FOMM.) ScreenShot0.bmp
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