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    I am old enough to remember the 50¢ coin. I also don't call it cold outside until it reaches at least -10°F. Don't mess with me, man! lol

    I like to think of myself as clever and funny, but my brain comes up with some very disturbing things. So I try not to talk...

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  1. Good. LORD. That was frustrating. K, so, in order to finally get it to work, I had to: - Create a copy of the entire FallOut New Vegas folder and put it under C:\Users\Tiny\New Vegas (instead of the default Steam location) - Change aaaaaall the pathways in Mod Organizer 2 to reflect the new game location - Launch the un-altered game one time just to save, then quit. - Turn on Archive Invalidation (which is under "Configure Profile" in MO2 for anyone wondering) - Install the mod one more time and launch the game with it turned on - Load the previously created clean save Apparently my combination of anti-virus and anti-malware mark the Program Files folders of Windows 10 as extremely sensitive areas. Fuck sakes. This did not feel remotely worth it.
  2. Soooooooooo uh... I has problem. Whether I use FOMM or Mod Organizer 2 Whether I turn on Archive Invalidation or not Whether or not this is the first and only mod installed Whether I make a new character or load an old one And no matter what options I click when the mod manager installs it I get an ugly black spot around my crotch that looks like very badly done underwear. Where the fuck am I going wrong?! 😰 (Attached screenshot was taken with absolutely nothing else installed except the official DLCs, and Type N being the first and only thing activated through FOMM.) ScreenShot0.bmp
  3. TinyDracula


    You're dead to me. I kid. But seriously. Dubbing an anime into English is little different than taking a 3 meat pizza and removing all the meat. Granted, some fan translation sites actually do an okay job, but NEVER NEVER NEVER WATCH 4KIDS! Or any official English dub for that matter... The only exception being Hitalia. Now, as for an anime recommendation. Yes you will have to watch the original Japanese with subtitles, because for this one, dubbing it while keeping anywhere near the same level of hilarity would be impossible. Go watch No Game No Life. Right now. Seriously. lol
  4. I love cunnilingus. And my wife. Especially when she gives me cunnilingus. I joke (slightly). My wife is the most important thing in my entire life. I can't bear the thought of life without her... My mother, on the other hand, is about as anti-homosexual as you can possibly find. So you can imagine how well we get along. Ironically my father is the one who encouraged and even helped me to pursue the girl who is now my wife. Yea he's awesome.
  5. I'm doing some serious multitasking so I needed something for the background. This isn't really helping though. It's too engaging. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcp70MpCclY
  6. This is way more hilarious than it should be OvO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky-eaH9C1l0
  7. Banned for wearing a monocle (instead of giving it to me)
  8. Banned for banning the guy I wanted to ban for thinking I was a guy. Because logic.
  9. TinyDracula


    hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (The fear of long words)
  10. Banned because you can never trust a rogue. Rogues will split the party. Don't you know? You never split the party!
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