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  1. Unable to unlock samurai when playing as Yamato culture. Unlocked the innovation Bushido in High Medieval but it won't unlock an option for me to create Samurai. Also noted that the innovation has no 'crunch' or 'game impact' text, only the flavor text. So it talks about the history of bushido but not the in-game impact it has. I am missing the carnalitas mundi compatibility file so that may be the reason but at the same time, the compatibility file isn't available to download so not sure what to do there.
  2. Not even sure it's possible since the game doesn't even really recognize culture which is the closest you can get. Skin color is obviously not a thing in CK3 as a variable you can define. It would be cool if this was possible but as of how the game is coded, I don't think it's possible. The closest way to do it would be to create traits for culture/skin color and populate everyone in the game with it, somehow matching to an existing variable of your choice. Culture would probably be the closest since I don't think you can define skin color. Then you can make religious tenets/laws/events t
  3. So maybe I'm doing it wrong but are you supposed to be getting new sims and then replacing the old ones or does this straight up change the appearance of the existing townies?
  4. Do we still need the compatibility patch for carnalitas mundi after the recent update? I have it in my files but can't find an updated version of it online
  5. I actually really like the mod! Don't be ashamed lol!
  6. Does this need to be updated for the patch 1.2?
  7. Anyone have any tattoo mods for white girls that love BBC?
  8. Thank you! This is what I remember having to do last time too a few years ago.
  9. Doing that destroys the face of the follower. It turns it into something else. I have tried it. That is why I remembered someone telling me not to use CK for custom followers
  10. Hi all. I'm returning to Skyrim after a while and I've forgotten most of my modding skills. Trying to relearn stuff. I am trying to change the hair of a custom follower to one more of my liking. I remember that these custom followers require you to edit their facegen.nif in order to change their hair without destroying their face. But, I don't remember how to edit the hair part using nifskope. Can anyone direct me to a guide or help me change a custom follower's hair through editing their facegen.nif?
  11. Has anyone tried greenmango12's translation in LE? I'm dying to try this mod out but am scared it might destroy my LE save.
  12. I would also love a patch for Nora Spouse Companion. If you are still able, please pm me the patch. Thanks!
  13. Hey Billyy, IIRC you had a discord server right? I am supporting you through pixiv fanbox but don't see a discord invite link anywhere. Please let me know if you still have a discord!
  14. Always watching this with great interest. I really do want collision mechanics in the game.
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