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  1. This is listed as having compatibility issues in the guide below. Is this still the case?
  2. I see. I've seen a walkthrough of this mod and there she told the player to save up and buy a house. I'll just track down the mayor and see if that works. Thanks! Yeah, I've gotten several things to do or restrictions to follow but none of them is regarding the house. It might be that I haven't talked to the mayor first though I guess. I'll try that. Since I used an alternate start mod and coc:ed to Diamond City I suppose it could also be that some initial quest might not have started up correctly.
  3. @Tentacus Is there a particular condition needed to trigger the request that you buy a house for Isabel? Also, I seem to have problems getting the dialog to talk to the mayor about the Diamond City guards to trigger.
  4. I can ask her about her past, how she is (response: something about how it depends on my work) and ask to leave her service. EDIT: Reloading an older save seems to have solved it.
  5. I've waited weeks in-game and it's still the same.
  6. I have an issue where Queen Isabelle has stopped collecting money but I don't know how to progress from that point? Is there any way to get a clue what your current status or objective is?
  7. I'm having a problem where a guard stops me when entering Whiterun and says something like "take me to your owner" and starts following me around. I'm not sure which mod that's from. Does it sound familiar to anyone?
  8. @PsycheHHH It seems like your Patreon and Subscribestar accounts aren't in sync in terms of content. Is that just an oversight or do you release stuff at different times on the different platforms?
  9. I see, thanks! How are you reloading Looks Menu? Just reloading the game?
  10. I see that you now mention including a body preset named "vtaw body v3 nude". I assume that means I can use that instead of Josie Body? :)
  11. I'm having an issue where older tattoos are removed if I try to add another one, despite being far below the number of tattoos in some of the screenshots here. Are there any limitations that I should keep in mind?
  12. If you're looking for alternatives, I think SubscribeStar is like Patreon but a lot less strict about adult content as long as it is within the boundries of the law. I seem to remember a few other adult 3d animation/game projects moving there a while back. Regardless, I hope you find a satisfactory solution and don't get too discouraged.
  13. Being able to disable some of the punishments that you don't like would be nice. Having said that, it sounds like they would fit the mod just fine. Regarding the dialogue, either is fine with me. Having sound is great but I wouldn't want you to feel limited. A mix of both might also work.
  14. These are delightfully detailed. Awesome work! @Vtaw Btw. have you shared you CBBE preset anywhere? It looks nice and balanced. 🙂
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