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  1. In the pictures for TMB Vanilla Armor Replacer, there is multiple outfits shown with a “variant” or “Gomapero” option. Can anyone help identify what mods those originated from? I can give a link to the pictures if need be, but they are on the Nexus page.
  2. If possible, could someone convert MTM Tavern Clothes for SE from 3BBB to normal CBBE with physics?
  3. Damn, wish I could get these for normal CBBE. Oh well, guess I’ll have to change bodies.
  4. Okay, I swear these are my last questions. is there a mod for changing an NPCs body slide/clothing in game? Is there a gallery anywhere of all the sets in book of UUNP? I’m trying to decide on an armor replacer, but I’m not sure if that’s what I want.
  5. What would be the best option for (mostly) lore friendly replacer for SSE? I do like the Bijin series, though it doesn’t really seem there’s anything comparable. ( I was suggested Babes of Skyrim, but it seems a version labeled “vanilla” is the only option I could find, which is not the version I was suggested).
  6. Doesn’t have a list, but I’ll check it out and see. I wish I understood how to work bodyslide. Speaking of which, is there any way to vary the body slide settings various NPCs get? Variety is nice.
  7. I’m assuming this is similar to the original in that the random body shapes for NPCs aren’t saved- is there any way to change that?
  8. Do permissions on the various mods allow you to share this version?
  9. Would it be possible to re-direct the Sexlab calls to Flower Girls calls?
  10. Is there any good packs for adding lingerie style clothing? I want corsets/stockings/fishnets along with general stuff, although I haven’t been able to find any.
  11. If this is the wrong place to ask this, I apologize. is there any AIO solution for CBBE with Physics? Or do I have to download each individual piece? is there any way to randomize what an NPC looks like as far as sliders and such? With clothing, what/how do I need to change things between CBBE and 3BBB?
  12. Pictures aren’t working on my end, but I’ll take your word for it. Any thoughts on my other questions?
  13. Alright, thanks. Maybe once I get my new computer set up I’ll look into things to see what it takes.
  14. Three questions: What options are there for first person camera in Flower Girls? I know it’s possible, just don’t know what mods I need. Is there anything like Sexy Bandit Captives compatible with Flower Girls? Is there a mod that swaps female creatures with NPC models changed to look like the creatures?
  15. Any chance that Sisterhood of Dibella could be made compatible with Flower Girls?
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