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  1. I never said they were trying to prank. it's more of a case the links no longer work because the post/topic/file has been moved or deleted. or it links to the LE or Oldrim files, which i check around and still have no luck finding SE links. can't seem to find these "patches" hence my making of this topic after literally days of trying to find them. was hoping the folks of the community here might be more keyed in to where things are lately. well it's because i've been searching for literally days at this point that i'm even asking for help
  2. So been looking high and low for mods on skyrim SE. every mod i go to on SE sites a bunch of requirements, i click on the link and that link then takes me to LE versions or in LL's wisdom the page has been moved / deleted. so i looked up devious devices for SE, FINALY found it via using google to get in (because the search on site seems just broken for me) I manage to find the SE versions of mods i'm looking for, ask around about DD and i'm told the DD SE has integration and assets as an all one now. BUT apparently not! So could someone please help me in locating these files for skyrim SE
  3. This only takes us to devious devices, the site is hard to navigate lately, google is a pain in the behind but still better than the sites own search in recent months. a lot of mods are siting a requirement of devious devices assets devious devices helper devious devices integration and then they link you off to oldrim or LE with very (to few) linking you to the SSE versions. IF the plugins even exist (SD+ for one example) and then you get stuck with it on your mod manger moaning about missing files from DD assets (even as is claimed the DD is now an all in one)
  4. uninstalled everything LE and i mean everything, and installed the mod attached to the first post. still same issue. *sigh* it doesn't even exist anymore. is MO2 any better then vortex? (have always disliked the nexus mod utility tool because i always get strange things going on with it)
  5. and NOW you get my "wtf" feeling. i have LE but on a different drive I have SE on a bigger drive, but for what ever reason Vortex is ignoring the SE version and going for the one from the OTHER drive. (I have SE on drive E and LE on drive C) as you can see Vortex is also routing to drive C when it should be going to E. so there is a lot of twilight zone crazyness going on.
  6. fun bug using Vortex, my SKSE is the one directly from the SKSE site (lit a clean install today)
  7. could always try https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23487 How to port (almost) any Oldrim mod to Skyrim SE (For Dummies): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17990/
  8. so you are only putting the new ones on mega, but no link? can we at least have a link to mega?
  9. as the title. is there a SSE Children + Soul Gems (Hentrai Pregnancy Addon)? If so what is it called? it's bad enough i often have to head outside to google to search for a mod here in lovers labs. (sorry site devs but navigating the mods here is often a nightmare, and it's all to often faster to google search it then site search) anyway, I've been searching high and low for the Hentrai Pregnancy Addon Children + Soul Gems because we have a hentrai pregnancy on SSE but i seem unable to find the plug ins for it. The mod i'm talking about is this one (This one is OLDRIM): https://www.l
  10. SO skyrim SE? do we have this for skyrim SE yet if so what is it called?
  11. Anyone know if we have an SSE version of this yet? just been over all the SSE mods plugins for SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Special Edition but nothing. zilch all i can have is soul gems
  12. I am also getting this when i try to use the Sex lab spells. everything else except the spells (and creature animations) 1 of the two i think i've worked out whats wrong but the spells pfft nope just get that data/plugins code you are getting.
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