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  1. Having experimented with it a bit more, having multiple merc followers seems to be broken in some ways. The only debt I had when I got the message of "There's a debt that you owe" was the 500 I got from hiring the other mercenary. This was done right at the start of a new game. However, if I get the mercenary by paying him 500 gold, and after he becomes devious I give myself 500 debt with the debug options, the line doesnt trigger. The line also triggers when I lower my debt to only 1 gold, with max willpower. This may have something to do with the fact that it seems impossibl
  2. I am using devious followers with EFF, and whenever I talk to a mercenary when I have a devious follower already, it automatically adds the mercenary to the party, bypassing any recruitment dialogue. It then makes the new follower the devious follower. There is just the following line: "There's a debt that you owe. If I make you pay it, I'll get a reward. So, I'll follow you until I get my share.". I'm guessing this is supposed to be the devious follower delegating the collecting of the pay to the mercenary? It makes for an odd situation when I have two mercenaries as f
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