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  1. Time for a seperate download section for sims perhaps?
  2. TBH I'm sick to **** of seeing other people's sims (all for sale via Patreon) clogging up the downloads page. Actual CC gets lost in a deluge of sims...Which is ironic as half of them are made using other people's CC!
  3. Where can we download the 'Sentinel' object? Forget it.
  4. Why not just buy Cyberpunk 2077? 😁
  5. So I can finally download the bloody thing? I bought it over a year ago. EDIT - Apparently not. FFS! 🙄
  6. And thank you for the CC, it really is very nicely done. 😎
  7. So what it sounds like you are saying there is that I could sign up once, download all your current stuff, then stop supporting you? That's not how I look at Patreon support...If I like what someone is doing and get a lot of use out of their stuff, then I will support them, permanently (unless they suddenly turn into an utter cock). 😁
  8. Fair comment...Thank you for releasing the extra colour swatches, that was a very decent gesture (and much more likely to get my support than showing me stuff I can't have).
  9. Wonderful. Any actual new content for LL members, or is this basically just an advertisment?
  10. At a guess this means you applied the latest Sims 4 patch? Because I didn't and it works just fine for me. I suspect @Dynchia didn't patch his game either, so he probably hasn't had chance to update the mod yet...But I'm sure he will, once he's sure doing so won't break his game too. 😉
  11. No worries. 😉 I'm really enjoying your work...My vampires' captives, not so much! 😀
  12. Least they can do...You've just answered their earlier offerings. 😉
  13. To our eternal regret. 🙁 I get a huge amount of use out of your clothing and accessory sets in my day to day gaming ('vampire chic'), but many of your 'devices' are effectively a one-time curiosity...Beautifully made though they are. Last night I parked three nuns on the new statues...It looked very cool, but I doubt I'll do it again.
  14. You need a couple of files..They are at the bottom of this post. Add these to your mods folder then go into the game and use the WW nude body selector as normal, you should now see the option to select both the Eve.5 & Eve.6 upper & lower bodies...Select the parts that are appropriate for your sim and you should be done (all of @Kritical's content uses one or the other (or in some cases either) of these bodies as a base, the Eve.6 items are marked as such in CAS). PS - I've also included the non-default Eve.5 & Eve.6 upper & lower bodies that @Kritical u
  15. That actually improves the concept for me.
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