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  1. Does anyone know of a way to stop DCL from changing the scripts used to affect expressions? Turns out that when this mod is active it makes any expressions you set on your character reset after 15 seconds.
  2. Bug report 2: -When using this mod, if you change your expressions (be it through the ring mod, or through console with "mfg expression" command) it resets back to default after 15 seconds. When disabling this mod the expression actually stays in your character. If anybody knows how to fix this without leaving my chances on the dev actually fixing this next update I would greatly appreciate it
  3. that's F.E.P mod which I already tried and doesn't work. @Vyxenneuses console commands and it doesn't reset for him. I don't understand what you mean, the text is white default but I've added some colors have you used sexlab before? that apply thing is only a button not a toggle... when you hit apply, it will test expression for 15 seconds before reverting to normal.
  4. *EDIT* = the cause was deviously cursed loot Hello, I've encountered yet another problem in my journey to modding skyrim, and that is changing my character's facial expressions whenever I want. This are the mods that I have: (ALL SE) -Racemenu -Expressive facegen morph -Expressive facial animation - female edition- -F.E.P -Mfg fix So, the problem is that whenever I tried to change my facial expression through either console command: "Mfg expression x x" or through F.E.P's integrated feature for changing facial expressions, the expr
  5. I'm certain something in this mod keeps reverting my expressions back to default after a few seconds of changing them through console commands.
  6. and what about getting the actual animations to work?
  7. no, showracemenu has many sliders that I would have to edit individually, and I don't to have to open racemenu every single time I want my expression changed.
  8. I couldn't find this event info anywhere on babo dialogue's manual
  9. I tried editing the expression using the console commands, but they revert back as well after a certain amount of seconds
  10. Does anyone know how to trigger a correct hogtie using ZAZ? I know that there is an animation called Hogtie in the animation test tab in MCM for zaz, but even though the animation works fine, the ropes aren't actually connected as a hogtie, the animation makes the character's leg bend backwards in a hogtie position, but it isn't really one because the ankle ropes aren't connected together and the wrist ropes isn't connected with a rope to the ankles either. So all that is happening is the animation, but the ropes aren't really "correct". I also took this picture from a video sho
  11. I'm actually quiet worried that some bug reports, especially mine, will be lost in the posts because the mod author won't bother going through so many pages of replies in that forums. A bug report sheets or website or something like that would be better instead of having it in forums, but I guess she is too busy to think of that.
  12. no no, that sounds too complicated and I don't understand anything. isn't there a way to do it through console? I already have mfg fix and expressive facial animation
  13. I have a problem with expression editor, when testing the "anger" expression, my face doesn't look angry, it just looks like this: my settings look like this: on a semi related issue; is there a way to change my character's expression in my game without having to go to MCM>expression editor, and then manually testing the expression which goes back to normal after 15 seconds?
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