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  1. Got it, thank you fellas.
  2. Often a reload will fix pink squares and missing texture errors, so you might want to check if that was what solved it real quick if you haven't yet.
  3. Hey, I've been playing with this mod for a while now and I've recently added Tiered Androids to my mod list. I'm trying to figure out what the current integration is with RJW, which I'm still pretty fuzzy on after reading through the drama from a few months back. What exactly does this mod do with Tiered Androids, beyond adding the Asexual trait to T1 and T2 Androids? I saw an update note regarding Androids getting a reroll on that trait at some point from a few versions back, but I'm not seeing anything like that in-game when I bolt some fun hydraulics onto a droid so I figure I'm missing something.
  4. Telomee


    I have a few ideas for stuff to do in Kenshi, but I'm having trouble finding out any information on how the AI is implemented so I can start working on it. Frankly, I'd settle for knowing where to look in the FCS/game files to find the behavior trees (edit: found this), but if anyone has any documentation on how it works that would be extremely helpful. Specifically, I need to know how the AI calls an animation to play, gathers information on the world around it, and passes information between characters. So, literally the basics.
  5. In the patch notes, I noticed this line: "+Added a new "Wait In Line" system to the Hole In Wall's Inspect interaction. Note: The system triggers only when the Sim is stuck." I've been looking around the game, but I can't find the asset to actually place one of these objects. Do I need to download an additional content pack or something? EDIT: Turns out the asset list was just taking ages to populate after the mod activated. If anyone else runs into this issue, just play the game normally for a few minutes and check again. It took about 10 minutes for me.
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