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  1. I tried using immersive first person on a new computer and have run into an issue that i have not seen before. I can look left and right fine but anytime I try to look up and down the camera barely moves. If my character starts to move, the regular view speed comes back but stops again as soon as I stop running. I tried to uninstall IFP, start a new save, googling, but I have came up empty. I have included my mod list if that is useful. Any ideas?
  2. 1 or 2 releases ago I already put a bedroll for the player, but not in the cages It is down in the dungeon, in the living areas , first door on the left. It is even named "your bedroll" (if I remember correct) and has everything a slave needs I'm having the same problem. I can move the camera, and look around but I can't move. I used the Mod Menu to give myself the ability to move again which moves the quest marker back to fang but it doesn't say that I've completed the troll part of the training thing. I was wondering if I could have the Quest ID so I could at least skip this part of the quest until its fixed. Also when I walked in for the Falmer there was no animation there, just walked up and then tada! completed and I went and talked with Fang again. I don't know if the two are connected but I figured I would mention it. My advice is, use sexlab 1.61 (if not installed already) and check if you have creature animations enabled I have it installed and they are enabled yet it still freezes
  3. Hey, I got to the point where you fang sends you to the troll but after he finishes talking my pc freezes and cant move. Advice?
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