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  1. Hello, I was just wondering how I get the Beastess Crawl

  2. Hey everyone. Sorry for any inconvenience. I recently canceled my Dropbox subscription and cleared it and I forgot that this file links to that because its too large for LL. The link is fixed now, thank you for your patience.
  3. Hey everyone!! I have fixed the seams on the CBBE version of my port. Please download the Hotfix(s) you need for your file choices!!
  4. Try. Save and Reload, if you can talk to them but nothing happens, just tell them to fuck you and then wait, don't skip the silent dialog or nothing will happen.
  5. Favorite follower by far! Perfect for my succubus character. Her voice works with amorous adventures too since it's vanilla. And if you want to "use" her dick, you can use the gender bender mod on her to change her gender when she has it out.
  6. You can also remove it in the SOS special edition MCM menu by choosing "No Schlong for Female Shark" as your shlong.
  7. This was a misupload on my part. I had already fixed the behavior file in V3. The "behavior fix" has been removed from my port as of V4, which now includes the ported PSQ mod.
  8. Those ears are from my port of the Nymph Race Which I have not uploaded, you could find some good ears in my port of the equippable ears and tails mod from Oldrim: The Missing Behavior File is Fixed in Version 4.0.0 Of This Mod. Succubus Quest is also Fixed now. Thanks for letting me know. I Forgot that in my V3 of the port I had already fixed this issue, so there was no need to upload the fix for my old version of the port. Now it has been removed from the downloads.
  9. Fixed in Version 4.0.0. I had already fixed this, but never added it to my original file before I uploaded it
  10. It does now. Fixed in version 4.0.0, Thanksto ojanen's port. I was going to port this myself but never got around to it. I'm focusing on Fixing up my shark race port.
  11. Yes this is an issue on players ends. Sometimes this happens to me for mods too. This fix works. You just have to rezip it.
  12. - Did you install Fuz Roh Doh - Silent voice?? - Try to save and reload - Try moving all the esp's you chose to the bottom of your load order.
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