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  1. I am just wondering as i did not see it in the description. But where or how can i get the collars i am missing. Banned Collar Whore Collar Naked Collar Were these from a different mod?
  2. I think i know what it was. If the public punishment is enabled this is the time when it happens. I did not enable it now and it seems to work. So i think you probably right. Well, current animation. Maybe i was not really clear. Lets just say that the animation was taken place and at the same time i read the headline in read about that i am caught. So the other animation took over with my character. The NPC on the other hand went on with his animation that was called prior. I think if i would record it, it would make more sense. But i think we are ok. I did not see that again.
  3. I noticed that this mod seems to ignore current animations. Like when you are engaged, you seems to getting defeated at the same time. Which breaks the current animation. Is there a way around that? I did not see a checkbox or at least i do not know which one if any. I put my DD mods in case that helps
  4. Well, i tried the mod. The idea is great but it seems that the mod does not go well with DD mods i have. 1) it happens that two animations are executed at the same time. Meaning, that two mods want to execute the same or different animations. 2) i noticed that armbinder is applied but no armbinder actually on character. In general i think it would be great if you enter the city, the city guard would rather have you confined and the job is applied that way. Mods i run at the moment: DeviousFramework, Devious Devices, Deviously Enslaved Continued SE v13.25.0, Devious-Mimic-Clothes-SE_3.0.0, DDE-5-30-1-SE, Devious Captures SE v2.9.0.002 (converted by Roggvir), Devious Adventures 0_1, Devious Training Core 3.0 SE beta 2, Deviously Cursed Loot SE 9.0, Naked Defeat 4-1 full (SE), Sex Lab - Sexual Fame Framework SE V0.99, Sex With Thieves SE v1.2, SexLab Adventures SE v0.74.0, SexLab Sanguine's Debauchery Enhanced SE 2021-07-31, Sexlab Survival SE 0.635, Simple Slavery Plus Plus 6.3.12 [SE] p.s. correction. 1. seems to be caused about Naked Defeat. Sorry about that.
  5. @Elsidia Yes, i think this is it. Not sure but i know Mimic has arousal. But other maybe too, i rarely check that. Nemesis? No, i have not running. But i will check the mod. Just for curiosity, i share my mod load order. I have probably not a lot of mods running but i always search for mods that maybe not play well with others. Like i said, this is not something game breaking. It just looks odd. Overall i am very satisfied and i have the greatest gratitude towards all modders that make this such a fantastic experience. I was just never a programmer. Though i am getting myself accustomed to Phython. What i am struggling with, is how Skyrim or any other Bethesda game works. I got to read and research.
  6. Well, yes. But can it be prevented that the arms come out? Since the arms are bound they should not come out and therefor no satisfaction. FNIS you mentioned. Man, i really wished i would understand the technical side of modding. Like to say why certain things happen and what can not be done due to the technical constraints. That is what i really like to understand. But in general, everything DD wise works absolutely fine. I could not be more happy.
  7. @zarantha I have currently Adventures, Mimic, Captures, Training and Cursed Loot, Equip. But i think this is triggered by the plugin that stimulates the libido. At least i think it is. Which mod calls for it, i am not sure. So i am no help really. Anyway, i just thought that this is odd but reasonable at the same time. Though not possible in real. But its a game so i am ok.
  8. @zarantha Just a small question (like there are so many here) When PC is engaged in touching herself due stimuli, the arms go out of the arm-binder and no hands. I am sure that should not happen but i wonder if that is a technical issue. It reverses of course and everything is then after in order.l It just looks odd. Thats all. I do not think that i have an idle animation running.
  9. Oh my. I did not see them yesterday. The sliders for hands and feet. Today i did. Seems ok now. I think there is still sometimes a slide gap but its better than before. So i think its all good now. Thanks
  10. Yeah. I will check again. So that is it then. There is nothing else that i needed to add essentially. That was what i want it to make sure. Thank you so much
  11. Hello @Alessia Wellington. This is my first time doing BNP. But i haven't seen any sliders for hands or/and feet. So no. It seems that i does not come with the package. What people on Loverslab usually use? I did, of course do the body and like i said, i looks fine. In the beginning i forgot the physics, so everything looked weird. btw. i reinstalled everything new. So my old setup is gone. This was by choice. And so i thought, why not try this awesome body mod. Thank you
  12. How can i solve this. I would not say that it is major issue but odd. Is there a way to solve it? Here is what i am using. Baka Haeon UNP & Fairskin Complexion UNP Everything look great, what a gorgious body. But the hands and feet have a gap. That can't be right? Thanks. p.s. i was looking for a guide perhaps that explains it but haven't found one. Any tips are appreciated. Perhaps i setup Baka wrongly up?
  13. I have 122 mods running at the moment. Let me check that tool. Thank you p.s. i got to add that my game does not crash all the time. It happens here and there. So i kind of ok with it. I save a lot.
  14. Thanks to all of you and for those that have a holiday today, happy holiday. Well, i will dig with that information in it and see what i can find. This is all useful and as @anjenthedog mentioned, this is a good strategy. I know, i like to stuff mods in my load just because they do what i was looking for. And so, i have no regard for breakage. Well, that is until i do not know why. I always thought logs would give me information but if i look at the log file the first what i notice, is no time stamp. So its hard to know when what was logged. And worst, i could not find anything that would raise an issue since everything loaded fine. So it seems that the approach with installing one by one is the safest one. This is hard for me. I know me. I will install the mod suggested by @Alessia Wellington. This may give some more light. Papyrus is enabled but does not contain what i was looking for. But that is ok. Like i said, i have to thank you all. Sometimes i may be stubborn but in the end i follow the suggestions. Today i will rest. Its holiday At least here in the US. Have a great day.
  15. @anjenthedog Bummer, so there is no log that would reveal the error. Yes, i suppose. I used that strategy as well. Though sometimes i just can not part from some mods. Thanks for explaining. This is will be long journey then.
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