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  1. Your creation look really nice. I have no idea what i am talking about because this all looks like magic to me. This must take a lot of time to create. Let me see it. Yes, i seen the screen shot but wasn't really sure. For my play i just want to have a more, dirty body skin because the way i play. Thank you
  2. Aha, we are getting somewhere. I did, as i you wrote, install it as a complete mod. Let me try to overwrite the original mod. Hopefully it will work. I just wonder if in the modmanger it should as it shown overwrite the other mod. Edit 1: Sadly, this did not work either. I copied everything in to Raiders Pet and i am still getting CTD. Since this is heavy scripted, perhaps this is the reason. Do not know.
  3. Ah, i wasn't aware of that. Thanks. Yes, i will try it out. This would be great if it works. Not that i do not like the other skins, but this one i mentioned is for my gameplay an asset.
  4. This is the one feature (food/drugs) that i would like to see. I just can not get to run.
  5. Well, MTO works. Kind of. Even with city loaded i does run. Though it will crash a couple of time. I took MTO for the tweak and it seems that tweak just crashes every game which is strange. Anyway, i am ok with MTO actually working so far. Got to take some crashes but it will run.
  6. I am just wondering if this texture has a smudgy version, kind of like to raiders. Or dirt. Thanks
  7. I tried Nuclear Nude and it never gave me the textures. Meaning they weren't aligned correctly. Even if i copied it. I think its not made for FG so i reason that is why i did not work for me. Right now i am using Radiation Queen which works well. Though i seem to have problem with Tattoo's. I would have loved to use Nuclear because it has that dirty, smudgy skin. Unless someone knows how i can use it with FG. The author only wrote its not CBBE compatible. The skins are all good but i need something dirty. Radiation is not as dirty but has all these pocks and moles. Looks pretty good.
  8. I think instead of collecting bookmarks, i need to make notes. I am losing it because if forget very quickly. This is really a problem for me. Thanks again for sharing Edit 1: I have to say that it does give me a CTD. Is this running for you? Maybe i have something installed that does not go along. crash-2021-10-21-23-57-41.log
  9. That worked. I was not even thinking to open that. Instead i went to the web link. Oh well. Not my day. Thanks though for sharing. There are so many things i simply do not see because they are sometimes in the treads.
  10. Wasn't aware the the Triggerman work as Raiders. This is actually pretty cool. Though, i can not upload a screen shot for some reason. Not sure if anyone encountered that. Edit 1: I think that it has something to do with one mod i installed MOT-Male Takeover. Some character talk, other not.
  11. Seems got. Though the website says it can not locate the file.
  12. Does someone know where you can download that mod? Since its not anymore on Nexus, i did not see it here. My version is a little outdated. Thank you
  13. @twistedtrebla Thanks for maintaining the mod and improving it.
  14. This mod is really great. More immersion. I installed yesterday Assimilation as well, but i think both do not go together as that has also morphing. I felt that it overtook this mod. Its a little chaotic as i just installed all of them the see what happens. But i like your mod. Especially the comments to what your person thinks. Great work
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