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  1. I'm looking for athletic animations or poses (Classic or SSE) - something like push-ups, sit-ups, stretching, warm-up calisthenics etc. I've used many posers before (but not all) and I think I've only seen 1 stretching animation and maybe 1 or 2 hand-stand poses, but that's about it. Do any packs like this exist? My barbarian character needs to keep up with her training!
  2. mz1n

    Disabling collisions

    TCL only works if you have *nothing* selected with the console. If someone or something is selected, the command will just fizzle and report nothing. Use the mouse wheel to cycle through until you un-select everything and try it again, it should say "collision disabled" or something similar.
  3. mz1n

    How to debug CTD

    Thanks, I'll work on it and post a solution if I find one.
  4. mz1n

    How to debug CTD

    I'm getting a crash 100% of the time I load any save made out doors (when loading completes). My saves made in interiors load fine. I don't see crashes while playing, only loading. Exception: SKSE Related Modules: I saw fiewiel posted about a similar crash a few pages back but I didn't see any solution/diagnosis for this one.
  5. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    I was not familiar with that mod. I'll take a look.
  6. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    1/ That is so bizarre. Thanks for that detail about the soap effect. I have no idea how that can affect it at all, but it's a great place for me to start working towards a fix. 2/ This is a mistake on my part - when no soap or wash rag is found in your inventory it shouldn't let you bathe but I'm looking at the code and it does mistakenly allow you to. Thank you for this! Can I include this in future releases (I will credit you in the description)?
  7. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    I always welcome new translations
  8. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    I think I found a good solution to this - I put it in 1.11 (which I am uploading literally right now) so you should only see the dialog when it makes sense. Let me know if there is any other strange behavior
  9. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    Ya, i get that bug too... but i don't use Convenient Horses, so it's definitely not caused by you using that mod. i've just been ignoring it though, you know tabbing out, but! It would be neat if that dialogue didn't show up on horses ^.^ There are no conditions for the dialog topic. I wanted it to be as inclusive as possible to allow anyone to track dirt on anyone they wanted. Once you start tracking the actor(s) you want, you can disable the topic in MCM and it will only show up for the tracked actors from then on. If you want to add it to someone new you can just toggle it on again.
  10. Uh yes they are. You just have to go to the nvidia website and update. My GTX card was recognized automatically. All I needed to do was reboot once after updating and everything worked. I'm running heavily modded Skyrim and use SKSE, MO, TES5Edit, NifSkope, etc. and have had 0 problems going from win7 -> win10.
  11. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    I have not yet found a method to remove blood decals from the player. If I ever do, I will add it. ENB, lighting mods and weather mods all have drastic effects on the appearance of the the dirt/filth/soap effects. I'm not sure there is much you can do to the textures to fix it. I will probably be offering options for stuff like this in 1.11 since people are having similar issues with dirt textures. If you don't want to wait, you can change the Effect Shader in the CreationKit (or TES5Edit) to tune it to your specific setup. The value you want to edit is ColorKey -> Scale. There are 3 for each effect and if you change them to lower values it will look less intense. I'd suggest trying something like 0.75 for the 3 color keys as a starting point. I'm reasonably sure the engine itself enforces a rule to show only the most recently applied shader effect when there are multiple. Decals might be different, but I think dirt and cum effects are both applied the same way and can not be seen at the same time by nature.
  12. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    Thanks for the suggestion, I put it at the top of the mod page. I've struggled with how to make it clear to users that these files have to be downloaded separately so I tried to put it everywhere - it's called out in the FAQ, ReadMe, the installer, and even in the MCM when you select the style (displayed at the bottom). I almost left them out entirely because I knew it would be a pain for everyone, but in the end I liked the animations too much to cut them. I understand from a user perspective you don't want to read that junk, you want to play Skyrim, so you skip it. I'd skip it too, but there isn't really anywhere else I can put it. It sucks but I don't have a choice. If I had permission to include the files I absolutely would. Alternatively - if someone wanted to make new bathing/showering animations that I could include in the mod, I would very graciously accept them and give credit everywhere I could
  13. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    Disable and re-enable the mod. This will remove all effects from your character, even legacy ones. Do you have Data\Meshes\Actors\Character\Animations\Bathing in Skyrim\mzinBatheAnimation1.hkx ?
  14. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    Hey guys, it's been awhile. I updated the file and description here to match Nexus. I think I've added the last of the major features, so mostly just expect bug fixes in the future. Let me know if you have any problems with the current release. The biggest changes are: no more water patches needed! FISS support so you can save/load settings better NPC support (but it's still not perfect) I've been playing around with adding some support SexLab but I haven't found anything I really liked yet, so I'm open to suggestions. Besides the obvious thing of washing off cum when you take a bath, I've tried adding dirtiness when the player has sex but I'm not sure how useful that is. Having sex and then suddenly appearing to be covered in mud doesn't make sense in every scenario (some more than others I guess). Also, with the way the current framework works, adding such a feature to followers would be difficult. If anyone has a great suggestion for SexLab support let me hear it!
  15. mz1n

    Bathing in Skyrim

    I don't have a good answer for that. I think there are probably a lot of people on both sides of the fence on that, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I can make it optional during install. EDIT: I started looking into this and I'm pretty sure I can do it through MCM. I'll work on it today and try to include it in 1.05