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    Trans khajiit girl just tryna do her own shit on skyrim
  1. Patch for base CBBE textures SOS - Futanari - Patch for CBBE SE.7z
  2. Looking into it, this doesn't appear to come with base textures on it's own but rather uses whatever texture you have installed I'm going to assume it's the default CBBE texture
  3. .Blend files are for blender- You'd need to get it, it's an easy install and shouldn't take up too much space on your PC or Laptop AND no worries, I could make it right now lol
  4. Did another for Better Khajiit female body textures Will say not a fan of this futa craze as a trans woman but I sure as hell can't make anything like this so I'm just kinda shrugging it off for now In the mean time I actually enjoy doing all the patching and going through the tutorial stuff... Might be my break into something here lmao SOS - Futanari - Patch for CBBE Better Khajiit body textures SE.7z Installation is normal, drag the textures into data for manual or drag the rar into a mod manager and install (let it over write the base empty khajiit textures)
  5. Remembered someone asking for a patch for forgotten argonian roots Here's my pitch- Might also look into making a skin patch for COtR- maybe SOS - Futanari - Patch for FAR SE.7z
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