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  1. No worries. Real life is more important.
  2. I like the rewrite a whole lot better than the original, much more believable. I'm hoping to see more of Clara and other characters that weren't in the first drafts.
  3. I've already mentioned that I'm aware of the procedure for DLC's. That isn't the issue.
  4. And I've been using those, but I still cannot see the DLC when I enable the tickboxes to view the content. I've been told it might be a pointer in the stack that requires adjustment. Any ideas?
  5. I had an idea that Hanna would get turned. Kristoff was clearing infatuated with her.
  6. I've not read all the other comments as I'm really lazy. What I have to ask is this... "What happened to Nora's tattoo's in these scenes?" I think they are frickin' amazing and was surprised they'd disappeared.
  7. Firstly thanks for posting the resources, it's proved really helpful so far. However, I'm having no luck with the customised Sims that others have created for download. I extract the files to the mods folder and when I boot the game up they aren't there in the gallery. I have the box checked to include custom content but the Sims still aren't there. I'm sure it's a pretty simple fix, but I don't see it. Could anyone please help? Thanks!
  8. Looking forward to seeing S2. As an addition to the poll that you posted you asked about future content. Would it be possible for some of the storylines to be a little more on the grittier or seedier side of things? With the exception of the porn industry thread for Tre, the stories for the girls have been fairly light-hearted. I'm fairly new to the Sims 4 world but I understand there are packs for gangs ect. I see a vampire pack too but would desperately hope, and pray, that you steer clear of the blighted arc that Stephanie Mayers has inflicted on the world. Vampires don't sparkle, they are something to be feared. Reading about the seedy under belly of your Sims world would make for an interesting diversion. Alina's sugar daddy certainly seems to fit that bill, as would the hip hop guy Max and some of Tre's porno friends. Just a thought.
  9. I've finally got through the entirety of part one and it's 32 chapters. I have to say your narrative is very believable. Most of what I've seen on these forums, either video or graphical story, is fairly tongue in cheek. No pun intended. Your characters are well rounded, fleshed out and have tangible personalities. The girls are both 18 and slightly immature. Going out into the world and making the mistakes we all did, or tried to, at that age ourselves. Writing erotic stories can be fairly difficult, I've tried it myself. But wouldn't know where to begin with the video or screenshot, so kudos to you. Please, keep up the exceptional work.
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