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  1. Males are not allowed to be trapped by default. You can change this behavior using the Settings spell or .ini file. Males can be trapped and give birth functionally the same as females. But, there is not visible change to the body (the text is a little different to reflect this). Since I've never found any male pregnant meshes, I have to work with what I got.
  2. You are absolutely correct. Because I'm doing development, the Construct Set always places the mods I'm working on at the bottom of the load order. This means I've tested FuroTrap below LoversPriority many times by mistake. FuroTrap works fine with this setup. Lovers on the other hand... I've haven't run into any problems so far, but it is much safer for to put the FuroTrap esp files above LoversPriority.
  3. Which BBB body mod are you referring to? Typically, you would see this problem is something replaced the default character bodies are in the Data\meshes\characters\_male folder. FuroTrap stores the pregnant body files in the Data\Meshes\Clothes\FuroTrap\ folder. The bodies are actually setup as clothes in the mod. The "clothes" are added to the victim's inventory when trapped, and removed when released. Edit: Er, never mind. I see you already figured it out.
  4. I'm planning to merge a few of the esps for release. I broke them out to make it easier to debug.
  5. 1 - Bug, I will fix 2 - Might not be a bug. Is the victim released due to being attacked? 3- Bug, I will fix 4 - No sounds like that in FuroTrap mod, does this happen when playing a Basic voice or a Lovers voice? 5 - Thanks for figuring this out. I'll add this note about all the Furo .esp above LoversCreatureSexualOrgans.esp to the load order notes. 6 - Bug, I will fix Yes, the children will be added soon.
  6. Maybe for you, and since you don't have anything helpful or constructive to say, just get lost! Look at #391 in page 20 If you don't like 7.0,please use 6.91. OVER. It's all good. I asked for feedback, bugs, and improvement ideas. I'm glad that Justinof had so much feedback.
  7. No, 1.4 ;D Fixed load older but still crashing I'll update to 96 when I will find strength to do it and check it again The FuroTrap does not use Lovers yet, so your original load order is fine. In fact my load order is almost identical. I'm not sure why the crash is happening. I will investigate and see if I can reproduce it.
  8. I haven't seen the color change. But, I will test with a moonshadow elf and see if I can figure out what's going on. The double-meshes for the Chair and Bath are a known bug. I think I know how to fix it, but since it only appears at the start of the trap, I'm not too concerned.
  9. Thanks! I need to improve the parasite effect mode, but otherwise I am pretty pleased how it turned out.
  10. Did you install the Estrus BBB mod? This will cause extra bouncing motion in the breasts that won't match up with the Estrus Trap meshes. But, just to be safe, I will double-check the Estrus sizes to be sure I'm setting them correctly.
  11. I know what you mean. The pregnant bodies available in Oblviion don't cover a lot of body types. I'd love to add more. Yes, the 3 trapped women have not been implemented yet. My plan was to add them in Quest mode. However, it may be worth adding them in the Hazard mod.
  12. No, the parasite is a very long-term effect. I could show an icon, but it would not be that informative since it would always be on. Ideally, it would be cured during the Quest mode that isn't implemented yet. There is a Sandbox spell that removes it, but it is not added to the Player inventory by default. Console: Player.AddSpell FuroSandboxRemoveEffectSelfSpell Player.AddSpell FuroSandboxRemoveEffectSpell
  13. FuroTrap v7.0 preview (for testers only) I'm getting close to releasing v7.0, but first I need some testers willing to download v7.0 early and find any really bad bugs. I know of a few small bugs in v7.0, but nothing that should prevent the release. If you find anything problematic, just reply to this thread. You are welcome to give improvement suggestions, but right now fixing defects is the priority! If you are up to the task, please download and give it a try! Important Note: You will need to disable your current FuroGeneratorTrap.esp file. FEATURES DOWNLOAD INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS LOAD ORDER WHAT ARE ALL THESE ESP FILES? WHAT DO ALL THE NEW SETTINGS DO?
  14. Possibly in the future. I would need to convert the animations, meshes and code over to Skyrim. That could take a while. Currently, I'm focusing on v7.0 (for Oblivion) and the new FuroTrap add-on modules. Once v7 is completed (later this year), I doubt I'll work on any more Oblivion mods. Instead, I'll be working on Skyrim mods and a possible Skyrim conversion of FuroTrap.
  15. v7.0 alpha is almost ready for release possibly this weekend (July 20) or next at latest (July 27). I'll include a link on this thread for those of you who want to try it out. v7.0 alpha will probably be a little buggy at first, so I don't want to replace v6.91 quite yet.
  16. Looks very promising! The features are pretty locked down for v7.0 alpha, but I could add it in later. I really need to team up with an animator...
  17. Pretty much my third suggestion in the post above the one you quoted. If you are using persistent refs, then all you have to do is just move them around (removing will be unnecessary). You can do that from entirely different cells, or from a worldspace into a cell. Excellent!
  18. Maybe I should try the old videogame trick of removing the nth object. For example, if the max was 20, if the player casts a 21st mine, then the 1st mine placed is removed. The 22nd removes the 2nd and so on. I wonder, would this work if the first few mines were placed in a dungeon and the player had moved to town to cast the rest? I can easily keep references to all the placed mines, but would the remove work "remotely"? I'll have to experiment.
  19. Let me answer them in order: * Yes, v7 loads settings from .ini * LPK intregration has been on my mind for future updates. * Placing mines is kind of a bug in v6.91, I've removed it from v7. My concern is that your save file might become really big. I'm open to adding it in as a separate spell, but I would include some warnings to not overuse it. * Yes, v7 has code from Justinof that summons sexier Daedra. * Yes, v7 has code from Chase Roxand that allows escape. * Yes, v7 has a couple of variations on this idea of being "cursed" after escaping the trap. * Early versions of the trap allowed you to attack the trapped NPCs to free them. This feature is not in v6.91, but it has returned in v7.
  20. Hey all. Just letting everyone know I haven't died or anything. Between E3, Apple WWDC and work I've been slammed. The good news is that I am back working on the 7.0 update. I'm hoping to get the 7.0 beta into your hands for testing by July 6th weekend. Note: Version 6.91 will remain the latest "stable" release for those of you who just want to play. Version 7.0 beta should be available for those adventurous souls that want to see the new stuff, but don't mind finding (and reporting) some bugs.
  21. Yes, this makes sense for NPCs since a particular NPC won't be trapped many times over the course of a play-through. For example: A particular guard might get trapped many times in a particular hour or two, but over the course of a play-through I doubt that particular guard would be trapped that often (or even ever again). For the PC, we should probably leave it as is, since it's hard enough for the PC to fight back already.
  22. I chose higher since higher level characters would be more resistant to the effects of the trap. A high-level Mage might not have much Endurance or a high-level Warrior might now have much Willpower. But now that you've made me think about it... It would be more accurate for characters to use Strength/Endurance to resist being trapped and Willpower to resist orgasm/impregnation.
  23. Yes. I am already working on bringing Estrus content into the FuroTrap, so this is definitely possible.
  24. if so, can you make it spawn exact copies of the player/npc or spawn random females. Copying the player is certainly possible since I've seen it in other mods (I have no idea if it's hard to do though). Random NPCs would be easy. Custom races would be pretty easy as well as long as users have that particular custom race installed. With the new v7 design, it is easy to put in multiple options like that.
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