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  1. You been alright? I found your mods today, and I really like all of them. Is there a platform you're more active on perchance?


  2. I've been sick for almost two months, so I focused on my Patreon after posting these here, sorry for almost disappearing! I've been publishing a new Fallout series (Unsheltered), which allows me to test some outfit designs (Vault suits namely), and I believe I'll have a new Vault-Suit design to propose by February (needs to contact my partners and organize stuff)! Thanks for your concern tho, hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!
  3. The former! In short, if people are interested to work with me to turn my designs into mods, I can art for their project(s) in return. That's how N and I worked together.
  4. I have noooo idea haha If ZeX themselves decide to port/convert the outfit to this body (or someone else does), yeah, there will be compatibility, but I don't believe N will want to work on a conversion for a body type neither of us use, and I lack the knowledge to do it myself Sorry xD Thanks! I may borrow that brick in the near future! -- Thanks to everyone for your kind support!
  5. UPDATE! The old mods are back online, you can download them in the main post above! They remain on Nexus due to the request from my partner, but we transferred everything on my own account, so I have full control on these! The Militiawoman and the Handmaiden remain on N's account! Have fun with the outfits!
  6. Thanks! It's possible, yes; our previous mods had a great modularity, and that's something I'd like to bring back if possible; I also suppose it must take the limits of the mesh deformation, which limited a lot of my previous design to what the rig is limited to. 🤔 Though for "pants" and "pants unbuttoned", it's unlikely that it's needed in whatever I'll produce, I doubt my outfits will have pants. :'D Or any form of underwear :'D For the scoopdigger redesign, for example, I'm taking some inspiration from the skimpy piper outfit from lazman55 fo
  7. Thank you all for your support and kind words! I'm discussing with N about the reuploads, I'll let y'all know about the status of the mods as soon as I have news!
  8. Thanks! Glad you enjoy these! We do, N was and is awesome to work with. I'm working on bringing back the hidden mods with N, so everyone can access them again.
  9. Introduction Hello! You might know me as TheKite on Hentai-Foundry, or Tumblr! You might also know me as the co-creator and designer of the original TheKite's armor series (Vault-Tec Slave Suit, DC Scoopdigger, the Combat Zone Stripper Outfit, The Militiawoman outfit, the Healthcare Division outfit, the Handmaiden's outfit, the Charred Vault Suit, etc) and the Archimedes-II solar cannon, etc. As many of you have noticed with various degrees of annoyance, most of the aforementioned mods have been taken off Nexus and hidden by my partner in modding, and no off
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