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  1. Is anyone else having an issue getting the animations to work? The standard ones (that come with the mod) don't work for me. I'm getting an error telling me it's not suitable even when everything should be fine (e.g. single (no kids) female is aroused and I click on the floor and select woohoo alone). And the ones that are recommended, they just stand there staring blankly.
  2. I can't get mine (a single hetero female) to participate at all (though some other random townies don't have much of a problem). I get the error "virgin" so she doesn't want to do anything. So no solo or anything. Not even with the training dummy or the double-dildo. I don't know anything about coding and such. I'm merely a user. Side off topic note: what does the BC pill actually do? Because I got the option to down the whole bottle in 1 sitting. I get that it's her first mod and there will be problems because of that (she's been very upfront about it), but posts like this helps improve
  3. That sounds like an interesting idea. I switched to Sims 3 the past week since I got burned out with Sims 4. I never had the issue with the dancers propositioning the owner. All mine generally ignores each other. My main issue with it was the dancers never danced even after turning off the "auto decide" and assigning them dedicated spots. Also none really lap danced either in the lounge area. They either drank or just chatted away. And for some reason all my prostitutes' favored the window, mirror, or couch when I made dedicated areas for such things. I can't tell if it's because I'm doing som
  4. I started a fresh save with my prostitute (a rags to riches sort of challenge). It's the latest one and everything is up to date. However, I've been noticing a lot of errors popping up. Mostly auto-start failure when there shouldn't be (I triple checked to make sure it's not a routing thing) and that my working sim isn't getting paid. Like I'll have 5 customers. Of the 5, 3 (on separate occasions) show up and only 1 actually pays me. The others is treated like it's for giggles (my poor girl can't pay her utilities). This is AFTER I ensured I had my hoeing uniform set and on. So I'm not sure if
  5. Some of my ideas (sorry if they seem rather silly, impossible or already said--I'm not a Modder and really have no idea how to or what it all pertains to): 1: Ability to pick what kind of sex type they prefer (e.g. a male would prefer more rough stuff while the female (or partner) would prefer more gentle) with accommodating moodlets. This includes fetishes. Currently--in my saves anyway--they do whatever and seem okay with it. 2: Have a dedicated Strip Club venue. Like I don't want to own it, but I want to work there. This would work for specific club hangouts too. I don't want to
  6. I got some questions about the Wicked Whims Mod and apologize in advance if I happen to ask some rather dumb questions as I'm still fairly new to it. My end goal is for complete realism as much as possible: meet, find another Sim attractive (and thus get a crush), go on a few dates, THEN have sex, and finally possible marriage--with me doing very little interference outside of just keeping them alive (had one Sim literally starve and froze to death because she kept insisting on raking the leaves despite me getting her something to eat and she would set it down to go rake....). 1: Is it no
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