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  1. Thank you, and race menu or ECE doesn't matter for me. I'll upload the screenshots once I have a chance. The reason I need help is that using the dds and bodyslide preset doesn't get you anywhere near the body type shown in the screenshots. Like, not even close. Even in the forums the author of the mod basically says that you need to make and scale the physique yourself and that what they provided is just a starting point. I have been working ingame to get to a similar endgame aswell but keep ending up a bit off. This is why I'm enlisting help. If you have a more substantial bodyslide preset, then that's amazingly helpful aswell. Thank you for responding at all by the way.
  2. Hi, so I have been trying and failing to replicate the body type shown in this bodyslide preset's screenshots above. Even after installing the Amazon bodymap, the bodyslide preset, and messing around in ECE for a few days I can't seem to replicate it. This is as close as I have gotten to replicating it, but not only does it feel slightly... Off, but it also has tons of body funkiness due to my inexperience with ECE. Not only that, but the owner of the bodyslide preset says that their ECE presets have been lost to time and space. Basically, what I am looking for is a racemenu or ECE preset that replicates the bodytype shown in those screenshots, as I am quickly burning myself out trying and failing to replicate it. The face doesn't really matter, as long as the preset replicates the physique. I know this is a tall ask, so anyone willing to help is greatly appriciated. I will link the amazoness map file if anyone is curious/willing to help. femalebody_1_msn.dds
  3. Question, whenever I go into the kissing animation, or any for that matter, instead of playing the intended animation, it just plays a random one, help please?
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