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  1. Hi Husk! Thanks for the email reply But yeah. I still wish it were an option. Otherwise, why put the toggle there if it was never meant to be possible? No biggie though. WW as it stands is still a huge part of why I keep playing sims.
  2. Hilarious if Tom died watching sims get freaky. I wish I could completely disable the motive freeze as a whole, though. So like, sim is about to starve to death, but whoops: Autonomous Woohoo activated! Guess I'll die.
  3. Its all good. I have some barebones knowledge from "Modding" Darkest Dungeon: Manipulating trinket stats and such. So far I've found a too called S4PE (Sims 4 Package Editor). It looks like I can import .package files into this tool and break them down into all their different parts. From my extremely basic knowledge, the easiest parts to edit are the _XML. They're basically just strings of text that describe the functional output of their given task. Problem is: Wicked Whims is a BIG mod with a megaton of individual XMLs, each with their own individual function. I'm b
  4. That makes me sad, but thanks so much for getting back to me as quickly as you have. I suppose my next course of action is finding a way to manually override this option. If you could point me in the right direction (Downloadable tools needed to edit the mod) that'd be amazing. If not, no worries. You've already saved me a huge amount of time troubleshooting. Thanks
  5. Hey all. I have a strange... issue? As the title suggest, I'm trying to set up a scenario where the main sim is tormented by sex-hungry spirits that are attempt to "drain" any living sim on the lot. The problem is that Wicked Whims seems hell bent on preserving Sims' Motive Bars during animations. I went into the WW settings and saw, in the advanced cheats, there is a section for Sims Needs/Motives Decay and, by Default, its enabled. Still, the motives seem to decrease, then increase to maintain their initial values before the animation. So far I
  6. Hey hey! Long time lurker, but this has drawn me out of the shadows. Love the mod so far. Played with it when it first released, but it made the tits go crazy during certain WW animations. Seemed like the WW anims were fighting against yours. Again, this only really occurred on anims that worked physics into their movements. On the static, non-bouncy anims, your mod works like a charm. If only there was a way to override WW anims while your mod was in play that'd be awesome. The only other issue I had was sometimes CC tops would break, causing the sim's chest to disappe
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