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  1. I thing possibly bluish purple based on a cocked up preset I had. The lighting isn't great in the alternative start cell however.
  2. Sexy Move is linked to FNIS Sexy move. An animation mod for female characters both player and NPCs https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13303
  3. A couple of queries regarding this. I tried this a couple of months ago, admittedly it was the SE port not the mainline, but had some issues and I'm not sure if I missed something or if I encountered legitimate bugs/limitations, or if it was a settings cockup on my end or a port issue. I managed to kill my master and escape but it didn't seem to remove me from the factions it added. Is there a specific trigger for that? As it was I basically walked out of the bandit fort ,the one with the bounty hunters take you to with the associated wife quest, without any resistance. I waited a couple
  4. Is crawling supposed to have an associated animation by default? I think it may have while I had SD+ installed but I had issues with that not detecting escape and leaving me as part of the bandit faction which is a bit of an issue. In terms of emote result ideas: "Beg for Cock": chance to trigger force greet maybe integrate to prostitution mods or have a bit of dialog with outcomes some good some bad. NPC happy to oblige, NPC wants to bring friends, NPC disgusted, NPC decides to punish you (consequences as in other areas) "Kneeling": Kind of hard to think of something proactive
  5. Thanks for the guidance. I guess this means me uploading a patched version is less clear-cut?
  6. I did not and I'm not certain what I'd have to do to do that. Is it a bodyslide outfit studio side edit? Yay learning!
  7. Right, I just got to a position where I can test this and it seems it causes invis issues. I'll have a look into why but I'm not entirely sure where to start. I tried rebuilding in bodyslide. Same issue. Replaced with the old ESP copies and I had meshes again so it is definitely a case of having messed something up.
  8. Thanks for that message I have been trying to work out what was going on with the slaver's armbinder for the past hour or so.
  9. Here's my attempted slot patches for the bikini armours I have downloaded. These were modified from the ones on the download page so they should have the _SLS_BikiniArmor keyword too. Slots 49 for bottoms, and 56 for tops. I am reasonably confident I got all of these. Various other slot adjustments to try to get the other slots consistent for mix and match but I may well have missed something on that front. There are also some which show up in outfit studio where I'm not sure if they are in the ESP. For reference I'm using the BHUNP conversions, linked in the spoiler below.
  10. Well this was going oh so well until I got to the end, saved, closed, then got a saving error because I had 2 SSEEdit instances open and forgot to uncheck the mods I was editing in the one I was using for cross referencing. Just to confirm, changing at the two pictured locations (SSEEdit followed by CK) should be equivalent right? I'm very much in a learn as I go stage so I just want to confirm I'm not doing something incredibly stupid in going for SSEEdit as opposed to CK for the slot changes.
  11. Brilliant, thanks for the answer. I plan on providing the just the ESPs much as you did in the main post for the SLS keyword additions.
  12. Thank you for the extra information, I have just started looking at doing it using the old ESP as a template and the provided ESPs for TEWOBA and TAWOBA Remastered as those were what I was looking at using. Do you happen to know if would it be beneficial/helpful were it to be done or is it kind of pointless? If it is beneficial I'll try sort the ones mentioned above. Edit: I think just twigged the point in this, without it I guess a character could be walking around with their genitals uncovered but be considered clothed? I'll make a start on this tomorrow and see if I can get it d
  13. Is the patch just to avoid issues with the device hider? I just had a quick look at the slot assignments under it for some items
  14. Ah okay, thank you for the clarification.
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