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  1. I thought I had fixed this by uninstalling RDO but, I am still having the problem where I cant talk to slaves of certain voice types, and I do not have RDO installed or (to my knowledge) any mods that would effect dialogue. I am now running PAHE 8.0.4 but this error has also was present in 7.5.8 and 7.4.9 on my old saves. Gonna quote relevant parts of my initial bug report here to avoid typing them again I have started a new game to ensure there are no scripts or data left over from RDO so I know it is not that. More importantly I have narrowed down the problem I think. It mostly effects generic leveled list NPCs - I have used it on named NPCs and it has worked fine. I have noticed that the problems always come from NPCs who are generic bandits and when i click on them with More Informative Console, they do not have a Display Name before enslaving - as in under the "Name" field there is nothing whatsoever when I click on them in console upper left corner (using More Informative Console) - However when i actually put my cursor over them while not in console, their name is always "bandit" (undercase). These NPCs are all bandits from Requiem btw. But anyways, I tried to rename the troublesome slaves through MCM thinking I could talk to them, but when I click "Rename" the MCM screen hangs infinitely and i have to load a save through console or quit the game to get it to stop. So to reiterate this problem is effecting non-FemaleEvenToned voice types with no Display Name This is probably a weird edge case that effects only me but it has been bugging me how persistent it is. What should I do? edit: ok so it seems the rename menu is broken on a FemaleNord generic bandit (with no display name) and a named non-generic FemaleYoungEager (who did have a display name) - i can talk to both and interact with both but when i click rename i am stuck there and cannot click any other buttons, nothing happens and i have to load a save or quit to get out. wasn't having this problem in 7.4.x and 7.5.x
  2. Considering moving over from EBD to OBody since OBody lets you change bodies ingame if a character doesnt fit their randomly assigned body, that always really bothered me with EBD, sometimes you'd find an NPC whose body just didn't match what you expected and you had no choice but to rerun EBD patcher and all of the other characters get re-randomized too. So I switched to OBody, or am considering switching, but there is one feature I really missed from EBD which is that it randomly assigns textures to different NPCs. Is it possible to do this with OBody? If so, how? In MO2 it looks like the texture that's being used for me right now is just from CBBE's textures (folder textures/actors/character/female from the "Data" pane right hand side) I considered running the EBD patcher on top of OBody but then realized that would probably be stupid and most likely misalign the textures with OBody's meshes. But maybe this works i dont know. Anyone know how to accomplish this? Or is this just a limitation of OBody? I cant find much about it from searching online as OBodys nexus page has comments/forum turned off.
  3. I am pretty sure i saw an option in MCM to change rate of training, altho i am not sure if you can put it way up back to PAHE levels.
  4. I have a question i am getting some weird slave behavior and I'm not sure if it's from DoM or something else. When i enslave a new person and immediately release them, they say thank you but then it plays the animation of them biting my neck like a vampire and I am instantly killed. I tried taking away their weapons, same thing. I don't think theyre even vampires. Is this from DoM or PAHE or what? What is causing this? Seems odd a naked lvl1 bandit can instakill my lvl30 char with a bite to the neck when theyre not even a vampire.
  5. Having a problem where whenever the blush triggers the skin tint of the actor turns totally white. Starts with face then the rest of the whole skin blinks into white and stays that way. No blush, just the entire skin, body, face, etc is pure white like snow. It is fixed if you disable->enable the actor, then it works as normal, but i dont want to have to do that every time Not sure if this is in the original mod or not, any ideas on how to fix>?
  6. First off this is a total game changer and your a god for making this.\ i stopped playing with pahe a while ago and this breathed new life into it in a major way, now it feels like the good old days when i first picked it up and was amazed at how crazy it was. Thanks for all your hard work Some ideas for features, although you probably already have way too much you are planning to do... 1. integration with pregnancy mods - hentai pregnancy or whatever else. just because i think making a slave pregnant would be a drastic event for them that would alter their mood etc. probably massively boost resignation, for example. or maybe trigger a massive influx of anger for a different personality type... either way it feels like it should be impactful, depending on their personality they may react to it differently, but it feels like it should be a big deal 2. integration with SL Seperate Orgasms (SLSO) - you already have something where if you making a slave cum then it has an effect in the system, raises confusion i think, i do not know what triggers this though but it would make sense to hook it to something discrete like that and ideally something within players control. if its linked to SLSO then it's not necessarily gauranteed the slave will orgasm unless the player uses the system 'correctly'. You may have already done this i dont know, i do not know how sexlab (without seperate orgasms mod) handles the cum trigger on females, but i think it basically guarantees both actors orgasm without SLSO, correct me if im wrong.
  7. This worked great on LE for me but i am having some problems with SE. When i enslave some people with voice other than femaleventoned they do not respond, as in i cannot speak with them at all. when i press E on them nothing happens. This is particularly noticeable with khajit as 100% of them have different voice than eventoned although it happens with nords as well and probably some others, i havent tested every race or anything Solutions i tried: I tried using the mod Proteus to change the voice type to FemaleEvenToned and that seems to work but it is not consistent, sometimes it works fine other times it does nothing - the voice type is showing as having changed in the PAHE MCM menu so i know the voice change is registering but i still cannot interact with them. I tried resetting the slave in MCM menu I tried recloning the slave in MCM menu None of these seem to work consistently, reset and reclone dont seem to do anything at all to fix the problem, although i can tell they are recloning or resetting because of the text prompts etc I should mention i am running skyrim 1.5.97 and skse ver 2.0.19. the OP says this mod is for older version of skyrim (1.5.39 i think) but i figured it would be forward compatible, i do not know if this is why the problem is happening. What should I do?
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