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  1. I think so? The instructions are kind of opaque to me and I am new to this wort of modding (normally I am used to ESP and ESM files handling the workload)
  2. After riverside takeover while trying to make a bunch of eggs, I am getting an "actor invalid" error when I try to have sex with a deathclaw. It says something about the actor being in use. Cleaning the sexout tokens in the breeder menu in MCM didn't seem to help. I tried cleaning and reloading and also cleaning and restarting the game. Any help? Any console command I can do to clear that or force validity?
  3. Having an odd issue where the women in the deathclaw promontory have invisible bodies, but their heads and hands are visible. Meshes and textures are in the SRC fold, so IDK what I am doing wrong. Any help?
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