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  1. getting close on a proper nude mod for the female still needs work
  2. so i read the note part of this topic and it says this can be used for shadow as well is this true?
  3. that did it thank you very much cpu this topic can get locked
  4. trying to make my taskbar icons look like this when i have them open
  5. i think it had something to do with the pop up menu at the bottom right i was randomly clicking stuff and the app tab or whatever it is at the bottom left made it extend
  6. that didnt do anything it just moves the window around
  7. how do i make this normal where the arrow is pointed i did something and i dont know how to return it back when i have apps open
  8. the sites been slow for me for a week now takes 3 mins for the notifications drop box to show and loading a thread takes longer
  9. im looking for gaming headphones that has built us subwoofers built in for that can produce subwoofer feeling
  10. theres no such thing thats just what the sjws want you to think
  11. game still crashes guess im done with modding forever
  12. you asked what i was using im using that mod i linked to you
  13. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48510
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