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  1. phillipswilliam92

    Sexlab Interactive Arousal

    Great Mod, Is their any way you can add an arousel trigger to words of power and dragon souls? So that when ever the PC reads a word of power or feeds on a Dragon's Soul it increeses their arousel.
  2. phillipswilliam92

    Argonian Snake Texture

    Great Looking Forward to seeing it with great antisapation!!!
  3. phillipswilliam92

    Argonian Snake Texture

    The CBBE textures look great thanks for them. But I have to ask, is their any way to make this along with the snake Cock comapible with or as and add on to Bad Dog Hoodie"s Shlongs: Khajiit, Argonions, humans, and Elfs? Would realy like to see my Futa Argonion's Snack Cock Slowly coming out of her slit as her arousel incresses. I think that would be realy realy cool. I know I have a sick and perverted mind but still it would be realy cool to see that.
  4. phillipswilliam92

    Argonian Snake Texture

    she looks great cant wait for the CBBE vertion to come out
  5. phillipswilliam92

    Prison Overhaul Patched

    This may be a dum question but what exactly dos this mod do?
  6. phillipswilliam92

    Futanari FEV

    Great Mod but can you please add fourplay support for Futa FEV 2.1? Not a big Fan of AFF all was seam to have problems with it.
  7. Ok Flashy Well that did not work but I think I may have found the problem. When I uninstaled 4play SEU and installed Flashyplay SEU all my settings from 4play SEU still showed up in FlashyPlay SEU and Vice Versa even thou i completly remove all the files for both and install them on a clean save. So when I have 4play seu installed i get the dialoge box asking if i want to masterbate even with out fourplay instaled with FlashyPlay seu nothing. can you help? becase the only way I see to fix this now is to completly unistall Fallout 4 and all my mods and do a full reinstall of every thing and I rather noy do that.
  8. Well I changed my load order reinstalled F4SE and dubble checked and made shur the animations wear all installed but still nothing when i hold down my SEU hot key nothing happens no dialog interface no animations nothing, so I going to check and make shure that the SEU scripts wear instaled correctly and let you know.
  9. Hay Flashy What shude be the load order for all the Flashy Play Mods. Becase for the life of me a cant seam to get the animations to play at all for me so i Think it might be my load order can you please help.
  10. Well I tryed reinstalling every thing and started a new game and still nothing jest like AFF so I am switching back to Four Play besides when I did have flashyplay working I was missing a lot of RSE Ellement's that i simply love that RSEE dos not have such as Pixaxe bodyspray pheromones, and gases farts. so its back to four play I go
  11. Have the same problem. going to try reinstalling every thing and start a new game, but if that dos not work I am going back to Four play and the old RSE. Half tempted to do that any way as i miss a lot of fetchers that RSE for Fourplay has that RSEE dos not.
  12. Hay Flashy two questions #1 What happend to Advanced Needs gases Farts? I saw nomention of it in The MCM. #2 did you chang the location of the Common Wealth Cummers mags? Issue 1 is not in Sactuaery Hills on the work Bench like it used to be.
  13. Hay Flashy can you post a list of Animations that Flashy Play currently supports. I knew about Lito's animations but not Farelle's Animations untill I started to install Flashy Play.
  14. A Big Thank You for Vol.7 you realy are the best.
  15. I agree 100% But hopfully if enaph people request it, Flashy will change his mind and fix the issues with Vol.7 and CSA and add Vol. 7 of RSE.