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  1. phillipswilliam92

    SexLab Pheromones

    Absolutly love this mode. But is their nay way to get a hook into Being Female or Narue's Fertility mode so that when your PC is Ovulating or Fertile she artomaticly gives off pheromones like being in heat? All so can you add diffrent Pheromone potions that can be perchesed from shop owners like say for example Potion of Nord Pheromones perchesable at Arcadia's Caldren in Whiterun?
  2. So jest out of curiosity when will their be an update for this vertion of ABBA
  3. Well it looks like i will be saying good by to this mod as i do not AFF. every time i have used AFF it has been nothing but troble for me. so i will stick with FP and say good by to this mod.
  4. phillipswilliam92


    jest want to say that this is a great mod. I have been useing it for quit a bit now and hopfully it's not to late to make a sugestion for an update. My sugestion or question is can you add a pregnancey list page to the MCM that list everyone who is currently pregnent including the PC and who impregnanted them like the pregnancy list in henti pregnancey?
  5. jest to let you know ABBE for LE works perfectly. No problems that I could see. thanks for this.
  6. Will do I'll test it out this weekend
  7. phillipswilliam92

    Rogue Sexbot

    This looks like a realy great mod. How ever I am not a fan of AFF (have had nothing but trouble with it) so is their any way you can make a vertion of this mod for FP insteed of AFF?
  8. will this work with the reguler Skyrime or can you make a vertion of it for reguler Skyrim?
  9. phillipswilliam92


    Ok I have used this mod alot and this is the first time I have played as a Khajiit female and even thou my PC is ovolating their the mod says that their is only a 7% Chance my PC will become pregnant even thou I have set the chance for contecption the PC to 100% . Is this normale for a Khajiit female?
  10. phillipswilliam92

    Unique Player Tiger Khajiit

    It was the "running out memory" bug. when I first instoled this mod I switch from a CBBE custom body to a UUNP custom body my game did not like that one bit. I had to completly unistall every thing and then reinstall every thing in order to fix it but its working jest fine now Thanks.
  11. phillipswilliam92

    Unique Player Tiger Khajiit

    Bad Dog can you please add UUNP Bodyslide support fort this? I tryed to use a UUNP bodyslide preset with this and the textures got all scrambuled.
  12. phillipswilliam92

    Unique Player Tiger Khajiit

    this looks great but can you do a CBBE vertion of this mod with Bodyslide support?
  13. phillipswilliam92

    Happy Hookers Inc. (24/06/18)

    To any one wanting to switch to AAF I would wait untill #1 Its out of Alpha #2 their are moor mods that requier it or have been converted over to AAF from FP4. All thou personaly I would love to see some one make FP4 Completly compatibul with AAF so that AAF and FP4 serve the same functions for Fallout 4 that Fins and Sexlab do for Skyrim.
  14. phillipswilliam92

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Ok so I Finaly got AAF to work right (at least so far) and this may seam like a Dum question but do i need to open the AAF wizard each time I need to play an animation for a mod like say RSE Mango Cum, or Four play sex em up. or will AAF play thous mods animations artomaticly the way Four plays dos. Say for instince I use Mango Cum to have my charector start masterbating do i still need to open AAF's Wizard and select the materbation animation or will AFF play it artomaticly.