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  1. My machine is over 5 years old but I am thinking the problem may have been a currupted file i found in IVE wich was causing both IVE and RSE to take forever to load and all so prevented some of RSE's functions from working right. So now i have finaly and completly unistalled Fallout 4 and all my mode and am going to reinstall every thing including IVE and RSE hop fully every thing works properly this time.
  2. Well it's a sad day for me . I have to say good by to two of my favioret Fallout 4 mods. RSE and IVE both have gotten too big for my systeam to handel. Oh well it was fun why'll it lasted.
  3. phillipswilliam92

    Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

    Ok so I tryed this mod out again with FP Attributes and again all I get is zero's on the HUD for both this mod and Attributes, but seeing as the HUD dos work for some and not for others why not have both The HUD and a pipboy stats book like in Flashy's RSE mod and make both toggabal on and off in the MCM that way the player can pick and choose which one he or she wants to use depending on their play style and what works for them. All so as far as the Lubricol, thirst and survivel thing, Sugestion Why not have thirst, Hunger and power set up as part of a basic needs funtion like the one in RSE and make it toggable so that if you have RSE you can use either RSE's Basic needs or this mods basic needs. All so anthor idea is why not in the next update make the Gynoid a prototype Courser/sexbot with a hotkey that be used to switch between the two behavier protocalls, Example Coursers protocalls engage allow you to Kill humans and outher synths whyll your firewall is low but you get a shock if you have sex or are fertile or pregnate, Sexbot protocalls engage if your firewall is low you get a shock if you kill humans or synths like its now.
  4. phillipswilliam92

    Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

    With all the problems with the hud why not do away with and insteed use a stats book like the one in Flashy's RSE that is accsesed from the pipboy kinda of like a pipboy interface .
  5. Roger that, do you know any one who is going to do a pregnancy mod for AFF? or maybe you could incorparte FPE in to RSE's AFF reless or create your owen vertion of FPE for AFF.
  6. Hello Flash havn't posted in a long time but I have to ask which is better Fourplay or AFF as I am still veary reluctent to switch over to AFF do to a lack of support for it. I.E RES, Famliy Planning, and the like which do you recomend
  7. phillipswilliam92

    Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

    jest tested update 180510.1 and it still needs FP Attributes in order to update the wiget. with out Attributes instulled the wiget will not update and you still get nothing but zeros. With Attributes instulled the wiget works perfectly
  8. phillipswilliam92

    Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

    MCG stands for Magno Cum Gaudio by Anghelos92
  9. phillipswilliam92

    Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

    Halstrom can I make a sugestion, how about adding a hotkey that when pressed brings up an onscrean messge that shows all the information your wiget dos. Kinda like a dieignostic hot key or sates hot key. I know Anghelos92 has a similer problem with the wigets for his MCG mod not updateing and only showing 0s and he all so has it set up that if you hold down his mod's extended interaction mode hot key you get a on screan messge that gives you all the updated infomation that his wigets are supposed to display. jest a sugestion.
  10. phillipswilliam92

    Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

    Halstrom hear are my papyrus logs still getting nothing but 0s Papyrus.0.log Papyrus.1.log Papyrus.2.log Papyrus.3.log
  11. Ok I then I must have misunderstude the discription then becase I thout your patch either added to the compaion wiget buy adding adding more displays such as a compainiens lust and or arousel leavel or change the display fro hp to arousel leavle.
  12. Jest out of curiasity are their any screan pics of this mods companine states hud wiget, and what dos the wiget show?
  13. looks great and i have to ask what skin texture are you useing and wear did you get that tongue?
  14. phillipswilliam92

    Kinky Kitties Outfit

    This is a great outfit Thank you for this. But I have to ask do you plan on converting and moor of your outfits to CBBE Bodslide? I am a huge fan of your work and would love to see all your outfits converted to CBBE Bodyslide
  15. Thank You for the update