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  1. First time I tried to update with no free space, now I know what to do next time. Thanks. 😄 @HattoWW Solved it, thanks. @ayawrxsti Wow, that's quite the reply.. I just had to free up space. Thanks anyway!
  2. I logged in to DMM Player as I did last night, and saw the new art for the Venus launcher, clicked play, it did the usual update (4.8 MB, 372.7 MB, 48 MB)... ...And then it repeated the 372.7 MB over and over again, without installing the files. I let it go three times, then closed DMM Player, logged in, and then it said "1/1 - 372.7 MB" and will not install. Edit: I just had to free up HDD space. This hasn't happened before, so it confused me. Sorry about that. lol 😉
  3. Hey Kollector, I just wanted to thank you for your time here and making all these great mods for us. I hope you have fun in whatever you play. Thanks! 🙂👍
  4. @fgh1t6 What do you mean by "don't use it in another slot"? Modders should add the files themselves, not casual players who download the mods, like myself. It is an important issue, as those five characters will not work without them.
  5. Thanks for re-uploading them, Kollector, I shall try them again. @blackdragon99, I included you because you recently uploaded a mod. And Vagonumero because he made the tools. Just wanted you guys to see it.
  6. I've mentioned this a while back, with KASUMI's mods crashing the game due to her extra files not being included with mods and thus crashing our games... Even now, with great new mods by @kollector and others, most recently with the KASUMI_VIOLET_B and the other four girls (AYANE, MAI, MOMIJI and NICO), when I add the mods to my Layer2 folder and play with them, they crash the game with their teleport attacks. Some mods do not crash my game, for example @wingzg's "KAS_NO_LAPIS" and "No Tunic" for MAI and MOMIJI. Kollector has mentioned that AYANE'S model has
  7. I would like to request a simple stand-alone Long Hair variant for MAI, for use with all costumes. The White Christmas Bikini mod someone made for MAI has nice long hair, but it's only for that costume. Thanks. 🙂
  8. @vagonumero13 Oh, I see. I was testing it in Training Mode... I'll test it in Versus and let you know. Edit: Changing just one works in Versus, but having both set to Random changes both characters... lol. Ayane to Diego and Nico to Hitomi. Regular Versus mode.
  9. @vagonumero13 When I select your Random Costume, it loads a different character. Isn't it meant to load a random costume from that same character? For example, I choose Tamaki, I select Random, and it replaces Tamaki with Tina. ???? lol Please see pics. Installed in: Layer2 > RANDOM > Random (Tamaki)
  10. @KuroKaze78 That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks! 👍
  11. I want to format Windows... If I then install DMM Player and Venus Vacation, would it download my save with it and just continue, or would I need to do something to get my save back?
  12. For anyone having crash issues with any recent nude skins of Mai, Momiji and Nico (as well as Kasumi and Ayane), please visit the thread below and add the .grp files to their respective folders.
  13. @Hakufu1021 @fgh1t6 An update to my "nude skin crashing" issue; it has been fixed, thanks to fgh1t6 uploading the .grp files. All 5 affected chars (Kasumi, Ayane, Mai, Momiji & Nico) all work for me when adding the .grp file to each folder. For anyone having crashing issues like I have, please visit the Fix thread and add the files yourself. 👌
  14. @fgh1t6 That's exactly what I needed, they all work now. I'll add your post to the Fix thread. Thanks again! 👌
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