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  1. How do i exactly delete everything? I have redownloaded the zaz pack before and the animation is still the same. So i kinda need help here. hehe
  2. I did, i also removed every Leito animation in regular, foreplay, and aggressive animations. The animations also used to work before just so you know, i don't know what happened
  3. Ok, so i saw at the Sexlab MCM the animation that was playing whenever i sit on a furniture playing the wrong animation, and it said Leito Spooning. But i unchecked the Leito spooning also in the Sexlab MCM and it still doesn't work. And the rack animation is not showing it's name whenever i sit on the rack or other furniture
  4. What's the rack animation name? I mostly see missionary stuff
  5. How do i mark that specific animation? is it in sexlab MCM?
  6. Zaz furniture keeps on playing the X cross animation when it is not supposed to, i tried reinstalling and i tried redownloading, and generated FNIS, it used to work but now it always play the same animations.
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