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  1. Hey BD, Just wanted to check if you had meant to upload three different files. Right now there are two 01_Yiffy_Age_SE. (somehow), and a 04, uploaded with the same time stamp.
  2. I'm getting that error too, even with the patched script file. Did you find a way around that? It's extra annoying in VR, as it is impossible to 'press any button', it seems. Oh well, 9 is still working fine.
  3. Thanks! I was waiting for that before starting my next VR run. I remember reading something about work being done on the HDT_SMP_Tails. Is there going to be a new 03_HDT_SMP_Tails file coming soon, or should I just use the one from 9/8?
  4. I just downloaded the 3 new files, and was able to extract them all, including the big one.
  5. I was able to complete a number of the College quests without any crashes or save corruption using YA 7.4 and SOS.
  6. I saved a preset of my Nord before changing the hair styles, as I had this problem in the past. And sure enough, Skyrim crashed to desktop when changing from hairstyle 28 to hairstyle 29 (I was changing them slowly to see if I could catch which one did it). However, when I loaded my preset, I couldn't duplicate the problem. It almost seemed like it was the combination of changing a bunch of sliders during character creation /before/ changing the hair styles is what triggers it. If you don't futz with all of the sliders first, and just change the hair styles, it doesn't seem to c
  7. Just a heads up, according to the instructions for YiffyAge, XPMSE has to be loaded before YiffyAgeDigi.
  8. This appears to be a load order issue. YiffyAge files need to be as far down in load order as possible, just above any alternate starts. Take a look at the instructions that are posted at the LE version. You can get there through the link at the beginning of this thread.
  9. You can't rely on LOOT to sort YiffyAge correctly. After running LOOT, you need to move the YiffyAge files down as far as possible, just before any alternate start mods. Please read the description of the LE version through the link at the beginning of this thread. There are instructions as well as a FAQ. Another example of what's covered there is that YiffyAge Digi needs to be loaded after XPMSE.
  10. I found the moderator that had deleted the message. Turns out the site I had found that mod on is a blocked site, due to there being mods hosted on it that are against the guidelines of LoversLab. The mod I'm talking about isn't, but it's an auto-hide and moderator delete for any post that has a link to anything on that site. Yesterday I learned.
  11. Umm, somewhat newbie question, but the post I just made to this thread shows up as hidden. Is there a reason that someone hid it, or did I do something silly when I posted? <edit> Well, I'll just post it again, maybe without the link? I found a mod on another site for SSE that included HDT Framework, HDT SMP, and SMP physics enabled Argonian and Khajiit tails. I figured if others were working on Physics enabled tails, they may be able to learn something from these tails. The mod is called 'HDT SSE Combined Compatibility Set'
  12. I'm eagerly awaiting for you to stumble onto greatness and provide a working physics tail.
  13. After installing all of the SSE versions of the prerequisites for YiffyAge, I did the following for all of the YiffyAge mods: I followed the instructions on the Cathedral Assets Optimizer nexus description page. Launch the SSE Creation Kit. Load the Skyrim esp file and set it as the Active file. Change something, for example, the name of an item (don't change any ID), and change it back to the original name, so the CK things that your esp file has changed. Save the esp file. Steps 2 through 5 come from the Porting Skyrim mods to Skyrim Special Edition page, an
  14. I used Cathedral Assets Optimizer, then opened it in CK, changed one field and back again, saved, and it worked fine for me. Took a bit of time, but it finally completed. Maybe it is because I have quite a bit of RAM in this machine. I did this for all of the YiffyAge mods, and am running it now in SSE. Haven't had any crashes...but I'm guessing that cock animations won't work due to no RCAE for SSE (haven't tried any sexytime stuff yet), but at least they all have sheath's. I do miss HDT tails.
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