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  1. I need more help, I've been trying to start the rubber epilog quest(mistress). What I have tried is waiting a month in game as well as fast traveling to every major city 3 times each I have also sat and let the game tick by its self without using the wait or sleep option an yet sill the courier still won't show up. I would be more grateful if you would help me this last time
  2. It should be 'setstage tir_twr_parade01 100'. Do it before teleport to Solitude. BTW: Just because you didn't see anything in the log doesn't mean no one here can't. You may want to post your log and mod list. There's a chance you'll run into problems later on. Thanks man your a good modder
  3. I need help I got all the way to the parade questline and now when 'mistress' teleports you to the parade it always crashes just after the loading screen is has finished and I have even had a look at the papyrus logs and they don't mention anything that could cause a crash. All I want to know is how to skip the parade quest
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