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  1. It's looks like a promising mod, I just hope it will not be abandoned like other mods =(. But the idea is original and it's always good to see a new devious quest mod !
  2. Yes, it's normal , because like @Grey Cloud say all mods didn't have configuration with MCM.
  3. And the Mods menu is displayed when you are in game not in the main menu
  4. Do you start your game with SKSE or you start with the skyrim launcher?
  5. I think he talk about SkyUI where you can find mod option in the menu where you choose to leave the game. or maybe he's talking about something else but I do not see it can it be
  6. Normally you have to have it automatic with SkyUi. which must be one of the mandatory mods to install https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3863
  7. just go in any inn and talk to the person behind the counter
  8. You just need to read the presentation completely How to start the mod : talk to an In keeper, and meet Axia Lilvahi, in the Night Mistress Mansion.
  9. I really like listening this music in my car
  10. moreover, at this moment I find a lot of remixes Oo
  11. @iJaVaFx Atom is good too, he has lot of extensions
  12. Right now I'm reading Starcraft: Ghost Nova and after this I'll have to read the Necronomicon (yes I'm serious, this book promises to be great)
  13. Personally, I use Jetbrains tools. They are not that expensive and for me, they are the best.
  14. It's stupid, but when I wake up in the morning and the sun is already there, it just puts me in a good mood
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