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  1. Interesting, took the Xymena mod, fired up the CK and saved the changed plugin, After that i took ordenator to convert all graphics to SSE pattern type. But the only result was, SSE did not even start anymore until the Xymena mod das removed. Would be happy to see her ported, it's a very stunning character with a wild attack scheme on enemies.
  2. In YT i found a nice introduction video for Baldurs Gate 3 and within they showcased the Githyandi race and character. So if they have such race in BD3, it should be no problem to have it in our beloved SkyrimSE. The Nymph Race mod package allowed my this, her name is Ja'ryel and she is a dark magic based char😁 Say hello to Ja'ryel
  3. A game named Encouter on the C64, fast and displayed on a TV😀
  4. Yes was a shitty idea to remove ActiveEffects, it broke my pippad mod and things required a rollback. Sorry for that, don't do the same.
  5. Years ago the enforced facebook app was the aqrgument to root a mobile device. Than it became the argument to nopt buy from certain mobile phone companies. Facebook is the argument to buy a broadband router capable to run openwrt what know facebook filtering. The world is changing so much these days, but noone can hold us back to censor against that. Facebook is a dystopy, even worse than George Orwell has ever imagined.
  6. Uninstalling activeeffects mod do remove the annoying hint too, took your script now and it work correct. Thanks for providing this.
  7. Have renamed the suffix from the DroidTemperatureTimer.pex, so there is only one protest at load. The widget runs fine and the Droid temperature crawls up the normal way, but without the 3 second warning in the upper corner. Had assumed this may break the timing, but it seems not.
  8. This is a run for fun with Droids of the Commonwealth, so if you survive the way into the DOD bunker you can sign the contract ...but nobody said you will look pretty like a model, that consumes batteries and coolants... Form follows function, mabye the red glowing eyes have something to do with the low light module for the night? Someone at the DOD like scary tattoo's, like playing a cyberpunk chick. But there are the other sides, an athlethic body with toned muscles, a wasp waist for free and impossibility to become obes
  9. Like to place ideas😇 The droid can go to sleep nude without having energy consumption and get more heat inside. - Would it be possible to get a cooldown effect when entering water without armor and clothes? - Can the heatup be a function of action and movement? For example if AP went low the heat ramps up - Should the droid have a stable mode, where less action stop the heatup - Using heavy armor or power armor should massively heat up
  10. Hello, got this running and all four rows appear and get regular updates. But also there appears another line painted over the hud every 3 seconds. Is that part of this mod and where is the button to remove it? The temperature is part of the hud, so a blinking extra line above is not required.
  11. Excellect work from Trykz, remind what Kennedy said: Let' go Fallout 4 with a picky Droid body, not because it's easy, because it is hard😁 It was worth to wait for it, the requirement to maintaining the body vessel is a great advance against tanking with power armor in a stampede through the whole game. It remind's me back in time to Mechwarrior 3 that was more realistic than the so called successors with stripped physics in the machines. Now it's in our hand's if we take care for the energy and keeping our girl cool😆 Including stunning graphic quality and bodyslide cap
  12. Have revived the old vasaki vampire mod: Anshara had no clue, why did she awoke in a freezing pod with lot's of death people around. Why she can the run faster, jump higher and have more muscle power as her slim body should have. Why do her eyes glow in the dark and what the sake is this hunger for blood and incompatibility to food and stimpaks? As long she got a bootled meal or fresh from various kill's in the dangerous commonwealth, she feels well and can walk in the daylight. Yes and if she got wounds by attacks, she will heal faster if not hungry. Have a raider as snack, t
  13. While waiting for Halstroms Gynoid reborn, is just created another char for a round with tiny Sim Settlements. Nefary is based on A.S.I.A and use the CBBE Synthetic body preset from the Nexus. This give an stunning tall body with wide loads😃 Hair is Azar Ponytail and Glowing Eye mod for credible machine body as in GITS. This round i will try to avoid any unstable mod, but it should be fun. Seems Piper like it, or hmm her face do nogt look that happy
  14. Had the same experience with both, with the difference that it took up to 2 minutes until action comes up. This after i cleansed the whole game, purged all unmanaged files, installed all mods from scratch. I run under 30 mods, what's not the mass to justify such slowness. For me FO4 seems not to be a good base like skyrim to program and run brothels. At the moment i only use AAF-SEU, what includes better with it's hotkeys.
  15. Can anyone tell a bit more abou the "Welcome" bug? Did repaired all files with steam Did clean all masters with FO4edit Did reinstall latest F4SE Did reinstall all mods (NMM) Did sort with loot Did install of droids + cbbe body Did install the patch with NMM, give 20 overwrites in total Build the body in bodyslide Terminal: Welcome... Did a new human char, started up at Bolyston at level 5 Terminal: Welcome... Are there any clues, what prevent the terminal to show the full message?
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