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  1. MxR did a review on YT and now i see that the downloads are gone. Will this be fixed?
  2. Have revived the old vasaki vampire mod: Anshara had no clue, why did she awoke in a freezing pod with lot's of death people around. Why she can the run faster, jump higher and have more muscle power as her slim body should have. Why do her eyes glow in the dark and what the sake is this hunger for blood and incompatibility to food and stimpaks? As long she got a bootled meal or fresh from various kill's in the dangerous commonwealth, she feels well and can walk in the daylight. Yes and if she got wounds by attacks, she will heal faster if not hungry. Have a raider as snack, there are enough around. So she wanders around the commonwealth, doing job for others to earn caps while collecting her food. What did Vault Tec do and why, did they hybridize humans to vampires or did they found her in far away countries and froze her for conservation. She had to explore the reasons.....
  3. While waiting for Halstroms Gynoid reborn, is just created another char for a round with tiny Sim Settlements. Nefary is based on A.S.I.A and use the CBBE Synthetic body preset from the Nexus. This give an stunning tall body with wide loads😃 Hair is Azar Ponytail and Glowing Eye mod for credible machine body as in GITS. This round i will try to avoid any unstable mod, but it should be fun. Seems Piper like it, or hmm her face do nogt look that happy
  4. Had the same experience with both, with the difference that it took up to 2 minutes until action comes up. This after i cleansed the whole game, purged all unmanaged files, installed all mods from scratch. I run under 30 mods, what's not the mass to justify such slowness. For me FO4 seems not to be a good base like skyrim to program and run brothels. At the moment i only use AAF-SEU, what includes better with it's hotkeys.
  5. Can anyone tell a bit more abou the "Welcome" bug? Did repaired all files with steam Did clean all masters with FO4edit Did reinstall latest F4SE Did reinstall all mods (NMM) Did sort with loot Did install of droids + cbbe body Did install the patch with NMM, give 20 overwrites in total Build the body in bodyslide Terminal: Welcome... Did a new human char, started up at Bolyston at level 5 Terminal: Welcome... Are there any clues, what prevent the terminal to show the full message?
  6. The fanclub wait for his new version, it's so incredible that the player character have to take care for things to not loose functions. I did not know about something similar. Go on Halstrom😁
  7. Using it now, some parts do already work. You need your energy and fluids to prevent malfunction, but cannot see by lack of compatible stats. Hope Halstrom deliver us a nice easter egg😁
  8. Since the Dec 2019 update all my old savegame files were destroyed and resulted to immediate crash. So i updated and changed mods, returned to Trykz great A.S.I.A mod because here you get a perfect working package of Synth bodies and clothing. Combined with Synth Player Gynoid you get not only the look but also the technical requirements to be a synth. Have enough fusion cells for your energy and cooling liquid for the CPU and mechanical systems. With Gynoid you can run faster, move quicker and jump higher, as long you have an eye for lubricate, temperature and electric power. The penalty if not is loosing cover, sneak, duck, running, view or even the ability to stand upright. The A.S.I.A body is full CBBE physics equipped and you can look through the body grilles into the limb mechanic. That's an incredible design by Trykz. Gen 1 and Gen 2 type of bodies are strength and durability so light armor or cloth will do. If you like these synths, install the Alien Cloning Gun mod and pick some Synth settlers from the A.S.I.A. facility for your settlement.😄
  9. As the mour follower mod does not exist for SSE and the maintainer seems to be retired, i like to share my experiences converting it for own usage. Did unpack all of it into SSE Fired the NIF converter to update the textures to the new format Used the CK and had to deal with many errors Results: Texture bug at the head, looks like the breton one. The body is textured but white like chalk. The tail does not move, but okay CBP is not HDT and this could be disabled at setup. Anybody here with better results? Please share what you have tried to convert it. Mour us a somewhat stunning follower i like to use in SSE. Zethaneff
  10. Some things are hmm cute, guess.... My new prostitute in training got the command "Look nice and see for yourself". Now she engage to the male manequins in the house. As long you stay in the room nothing else happens, but if you leave the cell it will be done. After that her arousal is down and the manequin stucks in the floor. So yes it's better to keep fresh prostitutes on "i find new clients for you" mode to prevent such happening:-)
  11. Need a workaround for an odd problem Sometimes your 'personal' have sex with an NPC that appears and disappear to the unknown. Here an infected refugee betrayed my personal and can't be located in the whole game. There are plenty of these refugees traveling around, while the quest requires the right one. Is there a console command to get the ID of the matching NPC? Can such quest be stopped through some commands?
  12. If a new whore is trained the first stage and ordered to look for clients by herself, i run into some kind of bug. She then figures out someone with enough arousal and runs to him / her. This is when "set stage" appear in the console, here nothing more happens, both npc just staring at each other. If not ordered to look for clients by herself, the new whores always need a confirmation for "the right place" to start. It seems that in automated mode they also wait for such confirmation by the player. But why? Where does the endless confirmation by player come from?
  13. Got a question and maybe someone have a tip? All innkeepers have the job dialogue for prostitution, so i installed the bathing beauties suite. There are some inkeepers who sell food and drinks, but these don't have the prostitution dialogue. Does this belong to some kind of group or do the Gigolo mod have a positive list for innkeepers where you can whore?
  14. So how may Google Stadia affect these new kind of gameplay? Google Stadia at Techradar Pro: No more high end CPU and GPU is required, only a fast internet line. Bad for AMD, Intel and NVidia Pro: For distributors, no warez versions out in the wilderness Con: No game on your computer, so no more modding possible Con: You cant buy and own a game and your access can be denied / censored anytime for any reason I see a great impact coming, if Google make it smooth for game distributors to jump on their platform. With an old dualcore laptop and intel graphics the Google Testpage assumes that i can do 4K gaming with it. Their policy also push IPv6 forward, to have a end2end identification of every user.
  15. Or deadly drain, available for Oldrim and SE. At the moment i play it with the Halo Dremora, the only effect is a magic cloud at orgasm to show the draining🤩
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