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  1. yk what, at this point imma stop trying to fix my sims game..thank you guys for your help tho
  2. also i tried copy pasting the sims 4 folder from my computer to my phone so i can pass it on to my laptop and fix it but my phone couldnt take all of it so now i have to separately take a filee and transfer it onto my phone :´)
  3. nope,its not a cracked copy, everything was working fine (at first the Noir D´s showed up as broken black cc but i fixed that) but the WW mod options (woohoo and other animations) didn´t show up-
  4. i think i shouldn´t have deleted the actual cache file itself- Imma make a new file named cache and see if it will work-
  5. i went in through these : game, TS4, game, bin then i pressed the ´default´ text file and changed the 1.44 ver to the 1.69 ver one but imma try deleting that file and restarting the game
  6. NVM, I had to remove the cc and re-add it but and now some of the blackpink posters are showing but the WW options don´t show and my sims can´t do the do- plus some of the blackpink cc still isn´t showing up-
  7. So, i managed to fix the broken WW mod by adding the ver. 1,69 update in my sims game but it still isn´t showing the WW mod options.. Also i added somw Blackpink cc but it=s not showing up in the game. Helpppp bhbvdhsbhdbhjf
  8. i checked rn, there´s a cfg notepad thing instead of a file for me
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