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  1. If @ColonolNutty is fine with it I could upload the 1.21 Version here at this thread, this seems to fix the load problem which still occours for me in the current 1.22 Version and also fixxes the pants bug.
  2. For those who'll join this thread, the pants issue came with the latest version of devious desires (1.23). ColonelNutty know's about it and is working on a fix, so we'll have to wait abit moroe until he uploads a 1.22 without load bug or reuploads a fixxed 1.23
  3. There's a bug with Pants, so sims at Get to work in example in the police career don't wear any pants and you cant put them on, first post on this page you can see it in my thread. But it seems like he haven't updated the 1.22Version yet with the load bug, so abit more waiting
  4. I've just read about that : Some Sims may load with no pants and continue to have no pants even if you explicitly put pants on them. is there a way to fix it somehow myself? Since this came up since the update with the loading bug, I even opened a thread because of that I wasn't sure you mod might've caused that. For me it happend to the Get to work Officers who losts there pants, maybe it helps you fixxing the problem? (Maybe it's only the get to work stuff?) And also thanks alot for your mods and efforts you put into it, the fast updates and such i appreciate it alot!
  5. Hey guys, i've run into some problems, Issue 1: since the Batuu update ( I think) sims started to loose from time to time body parts like a hand sometimes feet or even the whole upper body... I don't know what could've caused this maybe someone experienced something similar and has a clue? Issue 2: The most ridicolous thing now it started to happen when I updated yesterday devious desires and sim4communitylib, when the long loading bug appeard (which has been fixxed by the new version i checked that) all Police Officers who are wearing the blue pants of the outfit can't wear any pants anymore, I tried to use the "sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas" but after changing it and going back into the live mode they disappeard again... it looks funny but I really would like it to be fixxed xD Thanks in advance for any help! Edit: Seems like Issue 2 is a problem with the Devious Desires mod, so I have to wait there for an update I guess, but still having some trouble with Issue 1 xD
  6. Hey people, just did a complete reinstall of all mods and ended up with some LE's most should've been the outdated CNWW, but there also has been some other stuff in it maybe someone can help me out? So I can fix it until CNWW gets updated Thanks in advance! WickedWhims_v145b_Exception.txt
  7. Hey thanks for the answer, tried to deactivate one of the mods but didnt help out with the problem I had, so I just thought deactivating just all mods except the dlcs which seemed to work also reactivating all of them after that worked aswell, just had to change my character appeareance again and setup some of the mods, but better than restarting. But maybe before it happens again someone might check out the mods i use and actually notice what couldve caused this.
  8. Hey, I just played and walked around the satelite north east close to sanctuary, suddenly the game got a CTD and all saves which are at the Satelite area can't be loaded anymore. I dunno what happend there, the papyrus log seems to have some issues with DLC04 or maybe its my loadorderi aint sure, maybe someone can help me out with that? Attached the latest Papyrus log, LoadOrder and all Installed mods, maybe there is a conflict? Thanks in advance for any help! Latest Papyrus Log.log
  9. to post a spoiler just type [spoiler*]<- This before the text, and this after ->[/spoiler*] and delete the "*" should work.
  10. Funny fact, the Vanilla clothes arent morphing which I´ve changed with these (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12273/?), haven´t tried the immersive armors yet but I had the CBBE addon, I also use some of the Skimpy CBBE Armors to fill the other which was left by the CBBE Pack but I dunno which got changed there right now but the Tera Armor Pack CBBE HDT 1.2 worked just fine ( http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/909-tera-armor-cba-bodyslide-hdt-zaps-addon/ ), kinda got the feeling that the problem might be the HDT stuff, which isn´t used at Caliente´s Vanilla Outfits?
  11. While trying around with your mod i came across a problem, at some of the armors the breast size doesn´t change somehow but all the CBBE sliders actually can enlarge the breasts while wearing the armor/clothes, at some other armors/clothes where the breast also got the bounciness they keep the new size. I used at Bodyslide the CBBE Body HDT with the CBBE Curvy preset if this might be an needed information.
  12. Since I didnt figure out how properly import the mesh and bones into 3ds yet I also got barely time I´m gonna upload the Hagraven here so if you want to you can already get her into your mod, maybe Billyy gonna take his hands on it or someone else for now. Saints Hagraven.rar
  13. While trying to open one of the provided 3ds files it shows me an error: Missing Dlls FileName: Scripted Plugin Class: PEN_Attribute Holder 2 Super Class: 0x810 Dll Description Scripted Plugin Tried around if i´m atlesat able to move/rotate the bones on the mesh didnt really worked either shoulder was moveable but well it seemed all wrong somehow like not attached to the mesh etc.
  14. Looks really fine. As far as Hagravens go anyway Well I would gladly add it to the mod. However it would suffer the same fate the Skeevers did: without animations there is no way to trigger it... Just a question of time since my way to modelling came through animating, I will check out 3ds over the weeks now and help out with animations aswell, Skeever was planned and the Hag aswell if no one else goes for it first of course. And how can I sent you the model or shall I just attach it to the post?
  15. That´s too bad, I really like your animations hope to see you comeback then to Skyrim!
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