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  1. My bad, I didn't label it properly. https://www.patreon.com/Darknessvaltier/posts
  2. Short explanation on how to install those, please?
  3. Static poses. Better than random shots with less-than-desireable poses. Custom animations are already a thing as far as I know, but none are shared. Also, some seem recycled from exisiting games. (Namely RE: Resistance)
  4. Wanted to share these somewhere. Didn't want to put them to waste. πŸ˜› Link: RE2R - Cheat Engine Pose Script Mods: Claire [Classic Tanktop] - Rosemary Winters (Nude)
  5. Just gonna point that out I have zero experience with 3DMigoto and an absolute crap comprehension on how it works. With that out of the way, is it possible to mod Dynasty Warriors 9 with 3DMigoto? I tried to do a simple "invisible" modding, but nothing happens. I can't get the hash, can't frame dump, can't do anything. I don't understand anything. 😧 According to this reddit post, it's possible to mod it using 3DMigoto, but the HOW eludes me.
  6. This is how you feed a soul-eating sword, right?
  7. Hooo boi, this weapon mod pack is amazing! Now I can do more role-playing in Nioh 2! My favourite is definitely "The Blade of the Archfiend". IT'S SOOO LONG!! One of them even changes the katana in cutscenes! BEST MOD!! =D
  8. There's a "free cam" mod for Ninja Gaiden floating about on Patreon. Not sure what use that could be given you can't pause the game mid-action like in some games with photo mode.
  9. And hopefully more swimsuits. Can't ever go wrong with swimsuits. Something like this for Xion.
  10. Was asked to make this one. I was skeptical if I could pull it off since the horse's mouth isn't very wide, but turns out, it's perfectly doable. AND I managed to fit the whole girl inside.
  11. A heroine turned into a monster's core is nice. Also includes the "all the way through" fetish.
  12. Definitely missed this gem of a game.
  13. Shortening the skirt is provocative enough. XD
  14. Schoolgirl Xiao Qiao being all empress-like is very powerful, lol. XD
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